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Thought I had acne for 18 years.

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  • Thought I had acne for 18 years.

    Hey Everyone.

    33/M have struggled since about 16 years of age. When I was younger it was just constant white heads, never any black heads . As I've got older it's more red inflamed lumps and patches and redness and the occasional and large pustle. I've been prone to flushes all my life. Many due to Anxiety related stuff but others I can associate with food and other things. Also, it's probably important to note again, that for the many hundreds of white heads I've had in my life, I can't really recall ever having a problem with blackheads.

    I did visit my local GP as a teenager. He prescribed me some antibiotics (Can't remember the name) but they had no improvement on my acne, but absolutely rotted my stomach and gave me terrible toilet issues. I ditched the anti biotics and just loaded up on benzol peroxide creams and Salicylic acid washes and just kept my fingers crossed.

    Things were getting really bad around last Christmas so I scoured the internet and mainly, the forums for diet and holistic help. I cut out Gluten, Dairy and sugar (for the most part) and completely transformed by diet back in February and have been doing so since then. I also visted my GP (A different one) and he prescribed me some Skinoren (Azelaic Acid) of which I never really used as I assumed it was weak compared to the Benzol Peroxide I had been using for years.

    I started to eat Quinoa by the bucket load instead of gluten products. I eat steamed sweet potato, Carrot, broccoli and kale daily. I started to eat loads more fruit (Apple, blueberry, raspberrry, strawberry, grapes) and things were great for a few months. Fast forward til recently and I got this kind cystic looking bump on the edge of my cheek towards my nose. Crushed that my diet had failed me, for the first time in my acne facing life, I called up a derm and booked and appointment which took about 3 weeks in total. in that time before the appointment, the cyst had not once come to a head, but instead improved every few days, then went red for a few days, on and off.

    Anyways, the Derm looked at me and said I didn't have any obvious signs of acne. She mentioned Rosaeca and asked if I flushed easily? It was an overwhelming yes when I actually thought about it. She told me to start using Cetaphil instead of my normal wash and has prescribed me some Soolantra.

    I spoke to my brother and Nephew who have both had varying degrees of acne their entire lives if they experienced flushing, and they also said they'd experienced it often, for various reasons..

    I did some research and have read that the Azelaic Acid can be beneficial in type 2 Rosacea treatment, I applied some last night as I didn't have the Zoolantra yet and it seemed to do a good job over night, but made my bump a little more red this morning immeadiatley after application.

    I've also read that Soolantra can really break you out at several points early on. So I'm a little bit confused as to what to go to first. Even thinking that all this is nuts as I've been living with 'acne' all my life up until a few days ago.

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    Welcome Stu to RF,

    Many have reported success using Soolantra. Ruling out demodectic rosacea is possibly why your dermatologist gave you a Rx for Soolantra.

    Azelaic Acid is reported by many in this forum as working for them. You can search using 'azelaic acid' or 'finacea' in the top right search box. Of course, like every rosacea treatment, azelaic acid doesn't work for everyone.

    One of the key differences between acne and rosacea is flushing and acne treatments tend to exacerbate rosacea. If you take your time and read some posts in RF for about an hour or so, you should find something of interest to learn.
    Brady Barrows
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      Thank you Brady Barrows!

      I've tried reading as much as I can since I've been back from the Derm. I've ditched the BP and the SA washes and will just use the Cetaphil cleanser then Skinoren in the evening. Just showering in warm water in the morning... The Cetaphil seems so different from the foamy BP/SA washes I was used to. It seems to sit on my face even after I've rinsed it off. Did seem to make my face look better this morning though.

      Happy to be here and finally on the right track to healing. I've always had a problem with anxiety, so I've booked an appointment with my GP so I can talk to him about what the Derm has said and maybe get some help with the anxiety stuff too.
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        Dude, you have no idea how well I understand you. Acne has destroyed the best years of my life, now I am 29, and everything is fine. But I think I tried dozens of products and went to a few dermatologists until I came across one that helped me. I think acne leads every young person to depression.