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Seborrheic Dermatitis and Probiotics

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  • Seborrheic Dermatitis and Probiotics

    I am dealing the last 3 years with Seborrheic Dermatitis which at first started at my nose and by now it has spreaded in cheeks and forehead.
    I made a Stool Analysis Test which showed some bad bacteria overgrown (enterobacter clocae, staph aureus, candida iusitanae) and zero-none (!) Lactobacilus species.
    I am also low in vitamin D (24)

    So my naturopath advised me to start probiotics in order to replenish the Lactobacilus and Herb Remedies to fight the bad bacteria.
    I was given Ther-Biotic Complete for probiotics and Biocidin to fight bacteria.

    As soon as i started the probiotic after the 2nd capsule my face broke out so much that i decided to stop.

    After that i was advised to take Custom-Probiotic D-Lactate Free Probiotics which where the only one i could tolerate (0.3 gr daily ~ 75 billions CFUs) but my face did not improve so i quited after half bottle was consumed.

    The next try was with Milk Kefir which had the same results with Ther-Biotic Complete. I started with 3 tablespoons and i had terrible breakouts.So i backed off and started again with 1 teaspoon.
    I increased the dose after 1 week to 2 teaspoons and then to 1 tablespoon after 1 week but i started breaking out again so i decided to stop.

    I have been to numerous doctors but no one can answer me the following question.

    How are probiotics connected with Seb derm? Why can i tolerate only D-Lactate free probiotics?

    PS:It is funny that all my dermatologists insisted that it had nothing to do with probiotics..