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Success with Acupuncture NAET treatment

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  • Success with Acupuncture NAET treatment

    I started this Acupuncture treatment called NAET for the purpose of removing my environmental allergies (grass, weeds) and improving my health. In the process, my Rosacea has completely cleared up. This was a bonus since I wasn't expecting any skin improvements. It does make sense though. I already know that if i stop eating grains, seeds, dairy and sugars that my face will clear up. The problem is that I have a hard time sustaining that diet. I'm a working mom of two kids in sports and I just cant seem to avoid all those foods all the time. I also know that when i go on Reactine for 6-8 weeks in the summer (due to my grass allergy) that my skin also clears up during that time. After being treated for many of those food items listed above through my NAET treatment, my skin started to clear up. Its been about a month. I'll be fully convinced after 6 months to 1 year, but so far i feel very encouraged.

    Good luck!

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    Allergies and Rosacea


    Very interested in your post. I began to suffer severe food intolerances, esp histamines because of a severely depressed immune system while going on the Paleo AIP protocol. They cause a rapid increase in HR, burning ears and flushing face and I end up with extremely high BP. This has caused a severe flare of what was once only a few broken capilliaries to full on flushes. Currently being investigated for mastocytosis. My diet becomes more restricted by the day. What subtype are you? I saw the allergist yesterday and he switched me to Reactine 20 mgs, 2x/day and added cromolyn. How much Reactine do you take per day? Does it help or is that why you sought out treatment via acupuncture? How long did the acupuncture treatment take to help?

    Many thx,


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      The NAET treatment takes 25 hours to take effect. Here's how it works. During your initial visit, you get tested for the top 15 most common allergens using the muscle response testing method. The practitioner tells you which you are sensitive to. Then you get the initial treatment which prepares your body for future treatments. Then you come back to get treated for each one of the common allergens individually. After a treatment is complete, you must completely avoid the substance for 25 hours. After 25 hours you can go for another treatment. Some people that have to travel from far will stay for a week or two and get a new treatment each day. At your next treatment you get re-tested for the substance that was previously treated to ensure it worked.You may require a boost treatment. I have been going for one per week for the past 5 weeks. My face cleared up after the second treatment which was the calcium mix.

      I started it because a friend at work told me about his wife's success with the treatment. She had developed severe allergies in recent years to the point she could barely eat anything or go anywhere far from home. She was experiencing reactions that ranged up to anaphylactic shock where she needed high doses of epinephrine to help. After attending all her NAET treatments, she can now eat whatever she wants.

      Everyone is different and I've read mixed reviews. But I have seen benefits for myself so I will continue the treatments. I won't know until the end of June if my grass allergy is cured or improved, that's when the season begins for me. I have types 1 & 2 Rosacea. When I take Reactine, I take 1 CETIRIZINE HYDROCHLORIDE 10mg tablet 1-2 times per day.