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'Diagnosis' 3 weeks ago - not coping AT ALL please help

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  • 'Diagnosis' 3 weeks ago - not coping AT ALL please help

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Jade and I'm 24 years old. I've always been prone to pink cheeks but a few weeks ago I had what I'd call my first flare and flush. It lasted a couple of hours and when I woke up the next day was gone. However my whole face burned and tingled and the day after that I got one bump on my cheek. I then had a little flare on the Sunday after eating only 1 yogurt and 1 banana petrified after reading up on Rosacea. I saw my doctor on the Monday with blotchy pink cheeks and started to have a flare whilst in her office as I was so upset. She said she thought it looked like Rosacea and prescribed me metro gel. I was hysterical and had the worst flare I've had so far it spread across my whole face but my cheeks were nearly purple. I came home to my mums and it had calmed by then. Since I have had 5 proper flares and some pinkness. I tried eating only chicken and brocolli for a couple days and still got pink in the evening then added brown rice twice and about 3/4 hours after had quite a red burning flare so I'm guessing brown rice could be a trigger. I wake up every morning with pink burning cheeks sometimes worse than others.

    Worse than all this is the depression. I have sunk into a deeply depressed state I cry for hours every morning and I feel hopeless. I googled too much saw multiple borrow stories and now believe it's just a waiting game that I'll get stage 2. So far no more bumps but it says if untreated it gets worse - apart from identifying triggers I'm guessing there's no way to treat flushes. I'm scared that anything medical long term will stop working but I'm scared not to have anything medical.

    I guess you'd say mine is mild as I usually flare morning and night before bed but my skin can get relatively clear in between.

    I cannot face going back to uni or work it makes me feel sick and I can't see living my whole life with this if it gets worse. I'm going to the doctors as my mum and I are worried about my mental state and hoping to be put on anti depressants however after reading up a lot I'm now scared that they will make it progress quicker or cause rebound worsening of the condition when I eventually get to the stage of tying to come off of them. I'm also slightly overweight for my height and would rather lose weight otherwise remeron would look good.
    I want to make an appointment to see Dr. Chu but I'm aware that he has a waiting list and until then I need to be able to try to control it and get back to uni in a couple weeks time.

    I know this is long and believe it or not this is me keeping the dramatics down - I honestly feel like I'm mourning my old life and skin already and fill myself with dread about what my skin will look like in a few years let alone 10 when I will only be 34 I don't think I'll meet anyone or have children or anything and I'm petrified ill be rocking in pain and covered eventually.

    Anyway, not a great introduction but this is it. I'm a 24 year old with no prospects and a deep depression already. I was a 24 year old pageant girl who wanted to open a princess company and studying to be a teacher and meet the one and have beautiful babies.

    Thank goodness for my mum and puppy and hopefully for all the support I will find here in you guys.


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    Hi Jade,

    I can see you are having a hard time with this, please try not to panic and do not read all the horror stories on the internet, people don't post all the positive stuff, you can get this under control, lots and lots of people do. Rosacea can come and go, but you need to be positive, I know its hard but you have a great future ahead of you.


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      Did this coincide when your puppy arrived? Just a thought.


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        It really has hit me hard, I have flares every day, the severity is varied. And this is while I've been home not going out much and not eating much. When my mum puts the heating on I get really pink, when in outside I'm really pink. I wake up flared. I just can't see myself living like this.

        No we've had her for nearly a year. A few weeks ago I stood with my face under a hot shower for a while and boom hello first flare. Since finding out I've had more and each one sets me even deeper in the depression spiral.



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          Are you turning red from being warm? Like when you take a hot shower or eat hot (not spicy, but warm) food? One of my kids has that and she gets red on her face and arms, then sometimes gets bumps on her face (usually the tip of her nose, poor kiddo) and other random spots. Her bumps are hives, and they itch. If that sounds like your symptoms, it might be cholinergeric urticaria instead. I know you mentioned rice as a trigger, but if the rice was very warm when you ate it, the temperature could be the trigger instead.

          Using the metro gel is treating your face, so if it is rosacea, you're treating it and you don't need to assume it will get worse.

          Since you're female, you can use makeup to cover the flushing and no one will know. They may notice you're wearing makeup but they won't know why, since lots of women wear makeup. I use Revlon Colorstay and it hides the redness all day. It's kind of thick, so it's better to put it on with a moist foundation brush. Or you can probably find another makeup that will cover just as well...I'm allergic to chemical sunscreen so my makeup choices are quite limited.

          Antidepressants may be a good idea for you or one of the supplements that helps with your mood, like St. John's Wort or 5-HTP or SAMe. I take 5-HTP to help me cope with anxiety and it works very well. I know this seems like a huge deal right now but your life isn't over, your chance at a future isn't your face is a little red, so what? You'll either get rid of it or learn to cover it up, and life will go on.