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  • Is it time for laser?

    Hey all! New member here. I've been dealing with rosacea since ending my accutane treatment and messing with some new makeup products. It started about a year ago with a few itchy pustules. I thought I was just breaking out but then they spread to my entire face. I then went on accutane a second time out of desperation and the pustules went away but the redness (I'm assuming broken blood vessels) remained. Shortly after finishing my course, some pustules appeared again on my cheeks. I kept them semi under control with zinc cream and sulfer soap. But that didn't last long. This past winter, I had another breakout and my derm decided to prescribe soolantra to me. I've heard good things about it but I was still weary. I still started putting it on because I was desperate but by day 2 my face looked substantially worse. Over the past 2 and a half weeks it's only slightly improved but now I have more red spots and redness. My self-esteem is pretty crushed right now as I'm only 20. I don't know if laser should be the path I take now. I'll try uploading a few pictures for you guys to get a better idea of what I'm dealing with. Thanks!

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    Soolantra makes things worse, before it gets better, so be patient. Read more here


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      Hi there
      I just did my first laser (purpuric vbeam) yesterday, oh dear. I thought about a lot and it took me 4 years after diagnosis and some permanent red patches to finally decide to do it.
      How long do you have rosacea? For me the diagnosis time was far the worst and stress might have contributed to a very difficult time. Then I learnt how to cope with it, using gentle products and taking medication when I got worse.
      So I would say if you are still at an early stage of diagnosis, let some time pass until you know what is permanent damage and what can go away when that crisis stops. I would also say that it's important to be in a relatively calm fase in order to do the laser, both physically and psychologically.

      Of course, this is just my opinion. It's important you find a good doctor who you can trust and who listens (as far as doctors do ehehe) to you
      Good luck!