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    HI, I'm new to this blog but not to facial flushing. Been flushing for 20 years. Sun, heat, alcohol, stress, etc make it worse. Sometimes just one ear will turn beat red. Luckily I'm a lady and can use expensive makeup to cover up my blood vessels on my face (everyone tells me I have such beautiful skin ~ if they only knew...) I constantly wear turtle neck shirts to hide my redness/hives that climb up my neck and face when I am in social settings and anxious as hell. I currently take Claritin in the am and Singular and Zantac in the pm. (I've tried Zertec and Allegra as suggested by my immunologist and they didn't help much.) I have tried this combination for a few weeks now and noticed about a 50% improvement. However, I'm looking to add a daily anti-anxiety med like zoloft but not sure yet. I also use xanax prn. Anyway, I'm looking forward to see what this forum is about!