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Really red cheeks all the time. | Burning flushing |

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  • Really red cheeks all the time. | Burning flushing |

    I'm a 17 year old guy. I always have these annoying extreamly red cheeks, no matter what i do.
    The worst part about this is when my cheeks starts this burning flushing, it happends very often through a day. And it triggers in the most f*** times, i'ts so annoying.
    This blocks me from being social as i dont like people watching me with so red cheeks because it's embarising

    I have already tried different creams, Laser Surgery, pills and so on.

    Flush triggers:
    -Thinking about redness
    -Worried people are looking/talking/laughing at/about me
    -Warm to hot rooms
    -Going from cold to warm
    -Cold weather
    -Hot weather
    -Taking a warm bath
    -Hot food
    -Meeting new people I've never met before (friends parents Etc.)

    If anyone has somekind of solution please help...

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    I have the same, I was prescribed MIRVASO which helped a lot at the very beginning but nobody informed me about the side effect which was the rebound. 30 mins after putting mirvaso it was amazing, no redness, no burning and I felt better because I knew I am not red as F**k. BUT! After around 6 hrs it was back again and it hit me with triple strength. I am not using it anymore, I am on erythromycin and soolantra which I suppose are doing a good job. I ordered NONACNE as well. I cost me around a hundred pounds for a 6 month supply but in people's opinion is great so I am ready to try new things just to get my face look better...


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      Sounds like KPRF.

      What medications and laser treatments have you tried so far?