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  • Can you help me? What do i have

    Hi! I'm Aaron, 21 years old, from austria. First i want to say that this is an amazing forum! i stumbled upon it yesterday and i learned so much about rosacea and KPRF in the short time i know it. Please excuse my bad english.

    My Problem:

    I always have red cheeks but in the last 5 years it got worse and worse. In the past the only answer i got about it was that you can do nothing against red cheeks and this is just how i look. So last monday i couldn't stand it any longer and went to a dermatologist who is specialized in face treatment. She diagnosed me with rosacea and prescribed me a special cream ( i used many creams in the past ;P ). She also said when i wanted to do something really effective against my redness i should do IPL laser treatment.
    But now that i know your forum i think i might have KPRF instead of rosacea. I got keratosis pilaris on my arms and always have red cheeks. Sometimes i get flushes in the evening (they are not so bad but my cheeks get really red). Also rosacea seems like to be very sensitive against strong sunlight but in the summer my redness gets a little better i think. My redness looks much more like a lot of KPRF pictures than rosacea pictures. it exactly looks like this:
    So when i want to treat it i read on your forum that i should do nd:yag or Vbeam (PDL) against it and not IPL is that right? What should i do?
    Best regards and thx for your answers!