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Suffering from rosacea since 9/10 (now 22!) please help! Laser surgery success?

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  • Suffering from rosacea since 9/10 (now 22!) please help! Laser surgery success?

    Hi I was diagnosed with rosacea and acne when I was about 9/10 which I can only assume was brought on by hormones. I was prescribed erythromycin and was on that on and off for years (which I know is bad as it builds immunity) and it helped with my acne but not so much with my redness, which just kept getting worse and worse. I was never really bothered until I went to high school (all girls school) and felt awful about my skin because there were so many other girls with perfect skin who didn't need to wear makeup! For anyone wanting to know about good makeup for covering up the redness, bare minerals ready powder foundation is my absolute life saver!!!! And also the collection lasting perfection concealer!! They both cover my redness (which is very very severe, think Rudolph!).

    This Summer my skin has been uncontrollable, during my time at University it was pretty manageable and I could cover it with no problems with my makeup, however since I've been home my acne has come back and my redness is still the same (it fluctuates every now and again). So I went to the doctor and she gave me doxycycline (which has helped with the spots) I've only been on it for two weeks so I'm unsure if it has helped with the redness. She also prescribed me brimonidine gel, which I have to say is amazing!! It reduces my redness so quickly but I think it is only a temporary solution, I'm not sure how it will affect my redness longterm as I've only used it for 2 weeks. However, I'm sure that it could work completely for some people who don't suffer from redness as much as I do as it really does take the 'harshness' away from my nose.

    I have also recently considered that I may be sensitive to gluten and am trying to take it out of my diet but I'm not sure if this will work either.

    Having said all that I still get flushes on my nose and it feels red hot which I think happens after I eat gluten but it also happens just randomly throughout the day.

    I was wondering if anyone had anything that they use, which really works for them or any stories about laser surgery as I've been trying to look into different options as I really am desperate! I just want to be able to go outside and to the pool or gym without having to wear foundation or concealer!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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    You should spend a couple of hours reading posts in this forum. Also educate yourself on brimonidine. You may want to read about carbohydrate and sugar.

    There is very little evidence or reports that gluten triggers rosacea nor has it appeared on any 'official' rosacea trigger list.
    Brady Barrows
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      Hi Amy.
      I would advise you to give the Doxycycline more time to work. Some people only see improvement after the first month. I agree with Brady and you need to watch what you eat. Change to a low GI diet. But,unlike Brady I would strongly advise anyone with acne/rosacea to give up gluten just to see if it makes a difference. A recent study has found an association between Coeliac Disease and women with Rosacea.

      Down through the years I have read many testimonies from people who have seen remarkable improvement in Acne/Rosacea with a low GI diet. But what we may overlook is that a low GI diet is in some cases inadvertently a gluten free diet also. Almost everything with gluten is a high GI food. These people attribute the improvement to the low GI diet ,but in fact the main or additional benefit may actually have been the exclusion of gluten.


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        Hey ajf94,
        I have a severe type of rosacea and I found a marked reduction in inflammation with the anti inflammatory diet. It didn't cure it but I could see my facial features (cheekbones) again and the purple went away. It's worth a shot. It means that you can't eat gluten, cane sugar, nuts, eggs, and dairy. Also you can't eat things that contain those ingredients. I eliminated them entirely and would give myself a "cheat day" once a week with one ingredient to see if the redness would worsen. Apparently gluten caused a huge issue as well as sugar. Also I would check into the environmental factors of being home vs school. For example stress levels can cause skin issues, which can be a vicious cycle. Also changes in diet, you could be eating something at home that you don't eat at school. In addition do you live in a city and go to school in a rural setting etc. Whenever I go camping my skin clears up within three days with no medicine or diet modifications. Just things to consider

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