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    Hi! I didn't even know what Rosacea was, I thought I just had hot flashes that were really bad because of my general and social anxiety. Last January I was diagnosed with impetigo, which I had never heard of, but could tell after lots of research that wasn't off with how it behaved. I've done too many hours of research because I prefer to cross reference things, and found that the same thing that (believe now being) causes Rosacea also might be the cause of my anxiety. So I started home treating because most doctors are too busy to keep up with new research and most don't even recognize the name of it, yet. I went through a really hard time trying to figure out how to treat it, found a great method, till my hand vacuums broke, but felt amazing for a couple weeks! It's called a Demodex imfestation, and don't let it gross you out, all adults have them, but when we have too many they start to cause issues. So far, I've spoken to people who have cured their Rosacea, and anxiety, and just like I'm hoping to do, cured their fibromyalgia too! They cause allergies, and apparently diabetes type two and tumours! My dad was concerned for a while that I had gaut, like him, but from what I understand, I'm pretty sure that's Demodex. Also, pernicious anemia... These little buggers cause so much trouble, and our bodies just keep fighting them, so they don't have the time or energy to focus on what they need to. I can relate in all of life right now. Every waking minute almost for the last 2 1/2 months has been dedicated to treating my Demodex, or trying to spread the word because
    I gave up on the medical system here, or cleaning... I honestly barely eat some days, there's so much that runs through my head, and I can't find a really great place to simply get simple instructions, or figure out how to cure it on disabilty assistance, so that I can look forward to having time to do that interest me and follow a career path that gives my life meaning. My mom is really supportive, but her main concern is my stress levels, and the fact that day in and day out I don't get to do the things I want to, just treat. I was used to limitations being that I'm agoraphobic, but now I can't work on anything that interests me except spreading the word! I don't have real friends, everyone loses touch, no one has time, but I do have a few friends, and bunch of people on my Facebook who don't listen or don't respond. I made a group called Demodex fighters, no ones joined on their own accord. Please. I've chatted with people about it, and their experiences with it, but no one on my list seems to care. It's such a huge issue, I've heard of it being related to chrones, and barely anyone knows that there is a third Demodex mite called Demodex gatoi, also a "rare" type of mange! It causes major problems! My whole body aches, and flares up in hot flashes, I get twitches occasionally... Please! Show your support! And I've uploaded a few bad videos so far to everyone fave streaming tube.... Please! Show your support and share information!