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Confused about Rosacea..

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  • Confused about Rosacea..

    Hi guys.
    I've been suffering with Rosacea like symptoms for 1-2 years now. I am 22 atm. I have always had clear skin and suddenly whilst I was on holiday 2 years ago, I kept breaking out with what looked like an angry rash. I went to the doctors and they assumed it was either an allergic reaction or sometype of eczema. They gave me a steroid cream which didn't really help long term.
    My face kept flushing red and cheeks were covered in bumps/spots. It has been on and off for a few years however.. Recently it's been the worst it's ever been for a month now. My doctor finally diagnosed me with Rosacea and gave me Lymecycline tablets and metro gel. My symptoms have somewhat improved after a few weeks but not completely clear.
    I still have puffy cheeks, some bumps and spots and slightly blotchy cheeks.
    I'm going away on holiday and really worried about the sun factor making it worse, does anyone have any SPF recommendations for Rosacea or overall tips to help my condition?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Raeesa, sorry to learn about your journey but this is the daily reality of most of us.
    Here are my most important advices (from my experience of course)

    First I'd say that if you plan to be in the sun, you should stop Lymecycline for the moment as it carries some photosentization risks.
    Then it's ok to tan but try the most you can avoid direct exposure on your face. Eventually, you'll tan enough from undirect exposure so that your symptoms will be lessened.
    Try to keep the most cold you can, and drink TONS of water.
    If you're prone to late day flush, have a cold shower before you go to bed.
    Stay active, manage your stress level at every instant, and relax !
    I personnaly use the same sunscreen all year long, which is a BBcream with spf 20 or 30 I guess. It's enough cause I avoid direct exposure on face.
    And when you sleep, stay cold and don't englove yourself in sheets.
    Wear sunglasses if you have the ocular component.

    Sorry for the approximative english, and enjoy your holidays !


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      Sunsense SPF 50 is apparently good and suits most rosaceans.

      Also buy Avene thermal water spray and spray this on your face. It will cool your face.

      Also wear a hat. The sun is awful for rosacea although some people actually improve with it.also drink lots of water as previous message suggested.

      Hope this helps

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        I hope this will help

        Hi Raeesa H and All,

        I had what I known to have been Rosacea in my early twenties and I tried everything, I was so desperate that I even tried a special Irish water and some powder.... didn't work.

        I'm now 53 and about 4 months ago it came back, I kept trying different things but it just got worse. It's on my cheeks, the bone below my eyes and a little on my forehead and I felt really embarrassed because everybody was asking what had happened to my face. Of course I didn't want to go out, and at that time I still didn't know what it was.

        So I searched on the internet and found out it was Acne Rosacea and started searching for something to help it. Eventually I found out about a Chinese doctor, I can't find the story now, but he was a doctor in the Chinese army in the 50's, I think. Anyway, he had a friend who had this terrible problem, it's supposed to be caused by a mite called Demodex and he came up with a cream which cured it. I ordered some of this cream and have now been using it for 2 weeks (today), apparently it takes between 90 and 120 days to cure it, depending on the type of Demodex you have, this is to make sure the Demodex are dead. It really has gone down a lot, it's now pink instead of red, the spots have gone and I only seem to get a tiny bit of itching when I've used some moisturiser because of the dryness. It does tingle quite strongly when you put it on and it does make the skin very dry, but there are no harmful chemicals in it and I really think it's worth it.

        I'm not trying to sell anything and I have no associations with this doctor/company, but I do know how awful this problem is and I wish I had known this when I had it the first time, for 3 years!!!

        You can find it by typing Demodex Solutions in Google, I'm using the Zhongzhou ointment and the Acarid soap. This morning I've been looking at their moisturiser because of the dryness, they say you can use the Zhongzhou at night and the other cream (I think it's more moisturising) during the day, so I'm going to try that now.

        From what I've found out about this, it does have a lot to do with stress and what's going on in the gut. I think that getting more good sleep, eating a good diet and less stress does help, I've been working on all of these things at the same time and I feel much better.

        I did take a photo of my skin before, it's awful but I will share privately if you email me and I'm intending to do another photo today to show the difference.

        Good luck to all of you.