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  • Demodex, Blepharitis, Red Eye Condition & Rosacea Treatment Cure

    Treatment & Cure for Rosacea Acne Blepharitis Demodex Eye Issues

    14 June 2016

    Disclaimer. I am not a doctor nor a medical specialist nor expert. I am merely sharing here what is working for me in the treatment & cure of clearing up Demodex mites & Blepharitis eye condition as well as Rosacea of the skin.

    Some nine months ago I developed a small red patch on the skin beneath my right eye. I had no idea what it was & over time it progressively changed into a worse condition, my eyelid & around my eye became red & swollen, unsightly, it was time to sort this out. I typed my symptoms into Google search & began trawling through what turned into months of research, combined with trying & testing all manner of suggested potions, lotions, supplements, anti histamines, & goodness knows what all else.

    I looked up everything I could find on anything related & the general consensus was; apply good eye hygiene & use tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil on skin …& massaged into eye line twice daily.
    Yes, this helped somewhat, so long as I didn’t apply a drop too much tea tree oil, as that burned the sensitive skin around my eyes & made things, from a vanity perspective, as well as one of comfort, worse.

    Now I had red swollen eyes with burned skin around them.

    Yes, eyes, it had kind of cleared up for a week or so & then whamo, it came back, only now, both eyes were affected!

    I could go into more detail about the whole carry on,
    …yes, I spoke to a GP …she said anti histamines, antibiotics, blah blah...
    By then I knew more, I had discovered that I was dealing with Demodex, which is a microscopic creature, living on your skin, living on most people’s skin as it turns out.

    After the initial freaky, creepy reaction this shocking discovery gave me, I got my head & my instincts focussed into finding out more & ultimately finding a solution. I knew I would, in spite of reading over & over that there was no cure, I would find the cure. I would look at my eyes, red, puffy & swollen, in the mirror & say, “I know you are swollen today, & we will fix you, we will find a way & fix you & have our beautiful healthy eyes back again.”

    How did I get this creepy frickin’ thing? Well, having gotten run down, these little monsters can multiply & cause mayhem. It’s suggested that 80% of humans have these creepy crawlies on them, living in the hair follicles, especially eye lash & eye brow follicles. These tenacious little mites, because of their lifestyle & their habits, are also responsible for causing Rosacea & certain types of Acne.
    Had that doctor I spoke with given me antibiotics the condition would have gotten worse. The fact that I had 2 courses of antibiotics in the year leading up to this episode is likely connected to my getting run down enough to manifest this predicament. The imbalance they cause can bloom all sorts of problems in the body.

    Demodex Blepharitis The Solution

    Build up the immune system.

    Take Probiotic, Flaxseed Omega 3 large doses, also high doses of Organic Garlic, Vitamin D & get sunshine. Eat a healthy balanced diet. Take exercise. Rest well & do your best to ensure a clean, supportive & calming environment.

    These things help for sure & then I found this treasure…

    I read somewhere on the net that several people had discovered, ordered & used something called Triclosan to cure Demodex Blepharitis.

    People had used it to treat themselves & their homes, carpets, etc. It was a white powdery looking substance that had been for sale through a particular website in the USA. By the time I found it & logged on, they had sold out.

    What next?

    I looked into & searched for otc products in Australia (where I currently live) that contain Triclosan

    Among those I found were…

    Dettol Antiseptic Cream Triclosan 3mg/g ($4 aprox)
    Phisohex Wash Triclosan 1%v/w (200ml for $13)
    Gamophen Medicated Soap Triclosan 10mg/g ($2~ $4 price range)


    Let me be clear that I am not in any way promoting these products & I have no interest in any of the companies or manufacture of products mentioned in this post. I merely name them because I have found them highly effective in treating & curing Demodex Blepharitis Eye condition & Rosacea of the facial skin for myself.

    So, I promptly went out & bought these three products, easily, off the shelf at my local pharmacy & /or supermarket, all costing just a few dollars each, bargains compared to what I had spent up to this point.

    I began this regime…

    Do Both Morning & Night ~Essential.

    Wash face in about 1ltr hot water with 2/3 drops tea tree oil & or quality lavender oil added. Pay attention & massage eye line/lash line & brow line with the hot water mix, this few moments massage makes worlds of difference. Do same thing in shower if you prefer, using few drops of tea tree oil or Gamophen soap or Phisohex.

    Take your Probiotic & suggested supplements combined with healthy balanced diet. Drink water or lemon juice water & eat lots of organic garlic.

    Wash your hair every day & add few drops tea tree oil to shampoo once or twice a week. Mix some Phisohex or Gamophen soap in with your shampoo & leave in your hair while you shower, wash your body, face & eyes with the medicated soap & gently massage it along the eyeline & brow. You learn quickly how to do this without getting it in the eyes. I use a natural & more gentle soap for my private parts & ladies bits & recommend you do the same, male or female. Wash the rest of you with the medicated soap & rinse all soap & shampoo off well before you get out.

    (Side Note. Use fresh towels at least every 2 days & fresh bed linen regularly. Wash everything regularly in hot water & add a few drops of tea tree or lavender oil or some borax, or both, to the rinse.)

    Once out of shower & dried off, I mix up a ratio of about one part Dettol Antiseptic Cream with aprox 3 to 4 parts Nivea face or body cream in my hands, ~you find it as you feel it, it will burn after a few moments if too strong & let you know to add more Nivea, & quickly, please do not risk burning the skin around your eyes. I apply lashings of this thick creamy blend & massage my face, neck, ears & especially, again, along the eye lash line, leaving it layered to soak in a while, being careful to not get it in the eye. Maybe use a cotton tip to apply a small amount here if you prefer, it helps to really apply it to the inner lash line carefully, which really promotes rapid healing in my experience.

    Wash face well in hot water, as suggested, & apply this combination both Morning & Night, massaging eye lash line well is Essential.

    I also mix a drop or two of quality tea tree or lavender oil in with Nivea body lotion & apply this over my body after a hot shower.

    Whilst dealing with this condition, I found that the eyes become the central topic, they require this regime of care to recover from this unpleasant, distracting, obvious & challenging condition.

    One more IMPORTANT thing.

    I read about a man in England who ‘cured’ his Demodex Blepharitis red swollen eye condition of many years in just three weeks by applying HONEY every night. So I have been applying a quick thick line of good quality honey across my lashes & brow line every night, last thing before I go to sleep & washing it off in hot water in the morning prior to the face wash routine above. The honey stings somewhat if it gets in the eyes so you will learn fast how to do this with least mess & sting. This combination has cleaned my eyes up & they are so much better in just over a week of doing this.

    If, like myself, this solution works for you, as it is working for me…please let us know by responding here. You will just be so happy to spend the 10 or 20 minutes a day doing these necessary rituals to change your life & heal your eye health because they work!

    It was just awful having sore red, puffy swollen eyes. I love my eyes & I want them to be bright & healthy. I have been doing the above regime for aprox 10 days now & my world has completely changed. My eyes are so, so, so much better, the signs have virtually gone & continue improving every day. I have also found that these treatments have settled my Rosacea, which as mentioned earlier, is a result of having Demodex active on the face. You can research this for yourself if you wish, there is much to discover online.
    I will continue the above rituals for now & see how things unfold. I am so happy to have my face back, better than ever, Rosacea, a condition of all my life (ignorance is bliss) is virtually gone too!

    This episode sure has taught me a lot, including, & especially, to appreciate what is good today.

    May this help someone else as it has helped me. Xx
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    I just ordered some of these products and am excited to try them. I am already having success with TTO and Rosiver. How long have you had the eye issues? I have had them for five years and have tried countless things to try to get things under control. I have used doxycycline, steriods, cyclosporine, serum drops ect.


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      I'm trying a product that seems to be working

      Hi All,

      I had what I known to have been Rosacea in my early twenties and I tried everything, I was so desperate that I even tried a special Irish water and some powder.... didn't work.

      I'm now 53 and about 4 months ago it came back, I kept trying different things but it just got worse. It's on my cheeks, the bone below my eyes and a little on my forehead and I felt really embarrassed because everybody was asking what had happened to my face. Of course I didn't want to go out, and at that time I still didn't know what it was.

      So I searched on the internet and found out it was Acne Rosacea and started searching for something to help it. Eventually I found out about a Chinese doctor, I can't find the story now, but he was a doctor in the Chinese army in the 50's, I think. Anyway, he had a friend who had this terrible problem, it's supposed to be caused by a mite called Demodex and he came up with a cream which cured it. I ordered some of this cream and have now been using it for 2 weeks (today), apparently it takes between 90 and 120 days to cure it, depending on the type of Demodex you have, this is to make sure the Demodex are dead. It really has gone down a lot, it's now pink instead of red, the spots have gone and I only seem to get a tiny bit of itching when I've used some moisturiser because of the dryness. It does tingle quite strongly when you put it on and it does make the skin very dry, but there are no harmful chemicals in it and I really think it's worth it. They also have shampoo and eye treatments.

      I'm not trying to sell anything and I have no associations with this doctor/company, but I do know how awful this problem is and I wish I had known this when I had it the first time, for 3 years!!!

      You can find it by typing Demodex Solutions in Google, I'm using the Zhongzhou ointment and the Acarid soap. This morning I've been looking at their moisturiser because of the dryness, they say you can use the Zhongzhou at night and the other cream (I think it's more moisturising) during the day, so I'm going to try that now.

      From what I've found out about this, it does have a lot to do with stress and what's going on in the gut. I think that getting more good sleep, eating a good diet and less stress does help, I've been working on all of these things at the same time and I feel much better.

      I did take a photo of my skin before, it's awful but I will share privately if you email me and I'm intending to do another photo today to show the difference.

      Good luck to all of you.


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        Google this material and find it is towards the top of the list of things that we should avoid.


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          Violetta, you are talking about the ZZ cream, some of us have used it with more or less success, it's great that it helps you. The dryness subsides by itself after a month of use, but you can help it with their Fumanling cream.


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            You hit a lot of points fellow Bleph sufferer. I think the honey helps prevent the demodex from reproducing and is best applied at bed time. Lately, I've settled on using kanuka honey (e.g. Honevo Rosacea) on my eyelids/cheeks, though if you're a side sleeper, it does sometimes leave you with honey stained pillow covers in the mornin' (easy to wash off at least!).