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redish purple face with itching spots all over! help!

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  • redish purple face with itching spots all over! help!

    Hi everyone! I am glad to have found this site. I am enjoying reading everyones posts too. Well about me..
    I am 32 year old female. My face starting burning really bad about 10 years ago. I would get so red and i mean so red that i had a purplish hue to my skin! it was mostly in patches on the side of my face and sometimes under my chin which is why i never suspected rosacea and my nose was never affected.
    I never had bumps back then or anything and i went to a dermatologist and he said that it was rosacea. I have a lot of allergies that i developed in my 20's as well so i just thought it was due to that? So then i was slowly getting a itchy bump here and there on my face. under my eyes or under my chin. It wasn't bad at all and i think my makeup made it worse. I also have pcos and my hormones are out of wack! but for the past 2 weeks my skin went nuts! i have these bumps all over my face they itch really bad and my face is so redish purple! i am depressed cause no matter where i go, heat and light make it worse! i'm so itchy and miserable. also! sometimes they ooze! is that normal? i just made an appointment for a dermatologist so i can try soolantra! is rosacea caused by mites?