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    I was told by a derm once that I had rosacea two years ago. Meanwhile another derm said I didn't. However I believe I have rosacea subtype two now and it's totally changed texture of my skin. After using a new product a few months ago I noticed my skin did not react so well to it and I believe what once use to be only pink cheeks and flushing here and there has gone to a new level. My cheeks are always rosy now and have a few papules and my skin is just a totally new texture, some parts look scaly and others are just so tight and dry. Trying to heal as naturally as possible and am looking for remedies that I haven't tried as this is all new to me now and my old regimen is seemingly ineffective. I am on 100mg of doxy for a week now, once daily. Hoping it helps. Am thinking The glycolic face wash I overused in November destroyed my skin barrier and now I am trying to get it healed. Every day my face will flush and burn or itch. My skin has been great the past 6 yrs but now it is a new story and am anxious to figure out how to treat it as my faith in my dermatologists have been shaken and I almost always prefer a natural routine. I use hemp oil and tto rn and that's about it as I have been scared to make my current matters worse. I also have symptoms of ocular rosacea and have been diagnosed w meibomitis last year and believe demodex may be involved.