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Help! It's spreading all over my face!

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  • Help! It's spreading all over my face!

    I was diagnosed last week with Rosacea. I look like a burn patient and have pustules and what look like acne cysts all over my cheeks, and forehead. The pustules are even starting below one of my eyes and above my right eye, causing puffiness.

    I just started Oracea, Soolantra and Metronidazole. I know I've only been on this stuff for 3 days but this stuff is spreading so fast, I don't know what to do.

    The Soolantra and Metronidazole is drying up my face. It itches SO much but I'm not sure what to even use on it for fear of making things even worse though at this point I look so bad I'm not sure that that's possible.

    Any suggestions to halt the progression of this disease? Any suggestions for a moisturizer that works but won't make my pustules worse?

    I live in Orange County CA. Any suggestions for a dermatologist in Southern California that seems to get results???

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    I think that your treatment is sufficient,no need to add more medication or moisturizer (Soolantra is ivermectin+moisturizer). What helped me tremendously was avoiding the usual rosacea triggers,which in my case is sugar,dairy and tomatoes,so pay attention to your diet.