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My story/ 5 days after Vbeam

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  • My story/ 5 days after Vbeam

    Hello everyone,

    October 2013 was the frist time Í had to deal with rosacea but I got it under control with a cleanser from La roche posay, azelaic acid and a good sunblocker. Furthermore I had two Vbeams. During this time my rosacea was invisible! I was so happy.
    But a few months ago my skin has begun to become worse though I have not changed anything. The areas between nose and jawline are red and have became very sensitive: can't even wash them with water! Moreover I had to deal with little inflammations. My forehead, nose and chin are -except the large pores i have- looking good and I do not flush very often.

    My derm frist gave me a cream with erythromycin - no results. Then we tried it with Oracea, erythromycin in the morning and zinc paste in the evening. I tried not to wash my face too often and never used Makeup during this time.

    After 1 months I still couldn't see any results regarding to the redness so my derm said we can do Vbeam. Today is the 5th day after the treatment and the areas still seem to be a bit redder. The problem is that I got a few inflammations on my right cheek.

    1. Is it okay to use azelaic acid (financea) after a Vbeam? I would only put it on the pustules.
    2. How did you treat you skin after Vbeam or any laser treatment in general?
    3. Does anyone have another idea what I could try to get rid of the redness? Any creams? Or could oracea (which I'm still taking) make the redness better too?

    i would be happy to read some ideas and experiences from you