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Is this rosacea? (Irish/American Indian skin)

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  • Is this rosacea? (Irish/American Indian skin)

    Hi, I am a Silverback from Pittsburgh, a very rainy (If not one of the most rainy & dark) places in America. 5:00 p.m. means complete darkness most of the time through September--February, and the cold is brutal. And these seasonal changes *always* induce facial redness, sometimes severe but recently the severity is "normal." I have had *intermittent* facial redness resembling & responding *identical* to Rosacea (But I was never diagnosed.) since I was 12.

    My "Rosacea" doesn't progress; it was bad at 13, better at 14, bad at 15, vastly improved at 16 (With a period under 2 months of prescription cream) much better at 17, and better than that at 18. 19 was the same but I am extremely emotional & flareups happened more often. 20 it was the same but even more sensetive to cold (All those years, hot coffee rarely ever effected me. As for hot tea & energy drinks, Spicy Food flared me though) & now I'm 21 my face has become much more sensetive to the sun, cold & flareups seem random now, even when I don't eat or I avoid environmental factors.

    I am White & American Indian so I cannot tell if my ruddy cheeks & ears (Very rarely my nose has ever been effected) are normal skin or not. I can drink coffee & energy drinks fine without facial flushing but other times I can flush up, but I believe this is exclusively an emotional issue, & so I am unsure if it's attributed. I have Aspergers & Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I get red *mostly* from Emotions, but Spicy Food causes *severe* flushing.

    I am skin-resistant to Steam but not Hot Water. I can also drink Hot Tea without facial flushing. I'm sorry for making my case so complicated but I think pictorial explaination will help. :/ I just can't tell because my Biology contradicts symptoms, and even my facial redness does! But other times it seems like a standard case of Rosacea but I'm Multi-Racial to further complicate things x_x

    Any advice for my skintone would be much appreciated And thank you for whoever took the time to read this

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    Is it possible that you have KPRF? Keratoses Pilaris Rubra Faceii. Have you been officially diagnosed by a dermatologist? Your description of how your redness is on your cheeks and the early age of onset is why I am thinking KPRF. If you google it, you will see how it looks in photos.


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      What is a Silverback? (Apart from a Gorilla) I'm curious!