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Acne Rosacea sufferer please HELP!!

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  • Acne Rosacea sufferer please HELP!!

    Hi everyone, I have posted several threads and found helpful, can anyone help me again, I am currently trying to take control of my acne Rosacea, bumps and whiteheads, so depressing, I have been using tea tree everything and taking Neem capsules along with antibiotics given to me by doctors...... It seemed to work then all of a sudden I break out again, do you know if it does this cause it knows I'm trying to kill it and it's trying to take over again!!??

    Hope anyone can advise how to help or anything at this moment in time, think I will just remove all my mirrors in my house.

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    I have this problem but just on my nose I have posted this other places but this is what has worked for me and I know it is going to help people with the same problem
    Take 1x vitamin A 10000 iu and a vitamin c pill and a berry flavoured Berocca and 3x arctic cod liver oil ( which is one serving ) take these in the morning and at night 1x vitamin A 10000 iu and 30 mg zinc
    Lol sounds like a lot of stuff but it's not really, and you need to take all of this it works together you can't miss anything out.
    And try keep your skin dry rosacea skin needs to be dry like don't wet it in the shower


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      Thank you for your reply, so the following if I have understood correctly is:
      1 x Vitamin a 1000mg (what does it mean)
      1 x vitamin c (I take these now)
      1 x berry flavoured Berocca (sorry what are they)
      3 x arctic cod liver oil

      I take evening primrose oil, do you think that will be ok instead of the cod liver oil, or scrap the evening primrose oil and take the cod liver instead?

      So the above is just for morning, then at night the following
      1 x vit a 1000 (iu??)
      30 mg zinc

      So all of this will definitely work?, I take Neem capsules and antibiotics, will it be ok to take them at the same time do you think?

      Thank you for all your help. You have been incredibly helpful.


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        A low carb/sugar diet my help and a strong probiotic.


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          I don't know if it will definitely work but it has worked for me so you should try it
          You should search ' vitamin A 10,000 '
          And you should search ' Berocca '
          You can order them online


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            Hey Rec210904, Dont worry for your acne i used to have the same kind of problem, it last for almost 5years but now i am okay, only one problem scars still with me and i think i have to live with them for ever

            Anyhow for your acne i did a quick search and find this quite useful article which has also mentioned few remedies i used personally and find working but remember not every body is the same so what worked for me might not work for you, here is that article