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Seborrheic Dermatitis - trying the honey treatment again

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  • Seborrheic Dermatitis - trying the honey treatment again


    Have been reading this forum for a while without posting, but have decided to add my story to the bunch, in the hope of hearing from other SD sufferers and to add to the body of knowledge on this awful condition.

    I'm a 24 year old male who has had what I am pretty sure is seborrheic dermatitis (SD) for several years now. It appears mainly on the sides of my nose, a little bit in my eyebrows as well. It began to appear sometime during my teens, though I can't remember exactly when, as it wasn't too bad then. I believe I went to my GP at some stage and was prescribed daktarin cream, though I can't recall if or how well this worked. All I know is that over the years my SD has persisted and grown steadily worse in my opinion.

    I have tried a few things over the years to combat the SD, mostly changing diet (not eating dairy products seems to help, as does reducing sugar intake) and applying daktarin at different times (though to be honest I rarely if ever have used it as indicated for a prolonged period of 2-4weeks, as it increases the inflammation and stings). Sometimes these measures will seem to provide temporary relief from symptoms, but I can never be sure if the measures I'm taking are responsible for any improvement in my condition or if it's simply that I'm having a good day or days. I have also noticed that exposure to direct sunlight sometimes has drastic effects in terms of decreasing redness. I have also noticed certain other things tend to make the condition worse, namely drinking alcohol and taking certain drugs.

    The last few months - worsened condition and finding out about the honey treatment

    At the beginning of the Summer just gone I had quite a bad flare up, and feeling rather desperate and helpless I found myself scouring the internet for information on how I could deal with my condition in a more satisfactory way. I eventually found the thread on this forum where Auburn details the raw honey treatment. I decided to give this a go, and did my best to stick to the treatment letter for letter, and I think I did pretty well in that regard. As the first couple of weeks passed and my skin seemed to be going through the stages described by Auburn (itching on applying the honey at first, increased inflammation in the first/second week, then a crusty texture to the skin). However, I found that whenever I went out drinking, the SD seemed to react, not always with immediate inflammation but often with a delayed response, at first more that I could feel the condition worsening again, and then with visible repercussions a couple of days after perhaps. In effect, it felt like the whole process of treatment needed to begin from scratch each time.

    After this cycle repeated a couple times, I made renewed efforts to stick rigidly to a clean diet with no alcohol and to continue the honey treatment, and eventually I did find some improvement towards the end of the third week of treatment, sometime at the end of August. The inflammation and area covered by the SD was receding, and, after a couple of very sunny days spent outdoors (in not-so-sunny Ireland where I was living), it suddenly seemed to be almost gone. Some redness was visible, but not much, and at least, my skin felt good and didn't look much like I had a skin condition. Here are pictures of that time:

    Photo on 16-09-2014 at 22.41 #2.jpg Photo on 16-09-2014 at 22.41 #4.jpg

    Seeing this improvement made me so, so, so unbelievably happy, I can't tell you. As others on this forum have mentioned, the feeling was one of being able to see my face again after it being obscured for long under the SD.

    Now, I moved to London about 5 weeks ago, and the move over involved some stress, some alcohol, and a couple (literally 2 days, no more) of not applying the honey mask/honey cleanse. Within a couple more days the SD had completely returned, if not even worse than before. Crushing though this was I immediately started the honey treatments again. This time I have found that the SD has been more resistant, and after almost 4 weeks it was still very much visible, though the redness had gone down somewhat and there was some crusting, though this was a bit stingy:

    Photo on 15-10-2014 at 07.55 #3.jpg Photo on 15-10-2014 at 07.55.jpg Photo on 15-10-2014 at 07.55 #2.jpg

    Just yesterday, in a moment of panic and desperation, I bought some daktarin gold and nizoral shampoo. I applied the daktarin once with increased redness, freaked out and in about an hour did the honey cleanse, with not much effect. That night I used the nizoral on my scalp and took less care than usual not to get warm water/the shampoo on my face. After the shower large amounts of skin peeled off easily from my face and I was left horribly red (will post photo below).

    I immediately vowed to go back to the honey way of life, which I had only left for a few hours at this stage, but my skin seemed horribly different: more red, angrier, also more oily with no crust (no flaking or itching though). Having done the honey mask last night, the face wash this morning and spending as much time in the sun as possible today, the situation is a bit better (photo to be posted below) but I still wonder: am I back to square one AGAIN? This condition has got so in my head, I worry endlessly about what coworkers, friends, other students in my new university class, and my boyfriend think of my appearance, (even though logically I know they can't care nearly as much as me) as well as constantly fearing the repercussions of everything that I put in my mouth/on my face, even everything I do (in case it 'increases stress', which is funny because I'm always under stress with this thing).

    So finally, what I want to know is, realistically, is it likely that I will have to go through the entire 4 weeks again before I see any sorts of results? Can the honey treatment become ineffective through the SD becoming resistant to it? Are there any other products available that help reduce the redness more quickly while I continue the honey treatment (I'm not sure the coconut oil agrees with my skin?

    Any help would be so appreciated.

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    more photos - last night and today

    me yesterday after the daktarin and subsequent honey cleanse, not after the nizoral incident though:

    Photo on 15-10-2014 at 16.53.jpg

    And me today, after the nizoral last night, the honey mask, and today the honey face wash in the morning and some sun exposure:

    Photo on 16-10-2014 at 12.56 #2.jpg Photo on 16-10-2014 at 12.56 #3.jpg


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      Hi. Generally speaking, your skin looks pretty darn good.
      But I know and understand you want to clear up what's
      There. The raw honey treatment or manuka honey treatment
      Is very effective but not for everyone. From your info, sounds
      Like it truly was effective but then you slid into old habits.

      If you reread Auburn's method, do it exactly like that. Seb
      Derm appears more red, bumpy and irritated the first
      2 weeks. More importantly, as you asked: This is a life long
      Skin yeast/ fungus. If honey works for you, you will
      Be using it your whole life:/. Once you get to 4 week mark
      And clearance, then it's figuring out how often to use the
      Honey wash mask or both. When you mask, do your scalp
      Ears etc. All same time.

      Personally, honey makes my skin sensitive so I'd hold off
      On sunshine on your face in the beginning.

      We all have had our panic moments and sounds like
      You did and made things worse. Choose one treatment
      And go with it. Best, Birdie


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        Forgot to mention that I followed Auburn's
        Method but without coconut oil. This seems
        To irritate and inflame seb derm skin for
        Many people. If you have not read Tom Busby's
        Sticky in seb derm forum it will help you.


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          Thanks for the reassurance Birdie!

          sticking to the honey treatment now and going to be patient... Also good to know that the coconut oil doesn't work for everyone, I was wondering about that... perhaps another sort of moisturiser would be better/none at all.

          Will read Tom Busby's thread now!


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            Have you found that the sun exposure is helping? i know that sun helps kill fungus, bacteria, and atopic dermatitis.