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Please help me narrow down the cause of my symptoms (prior to doctor's appointment)

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  • Please help me narrow down the cause of my symptoms (prior to doctor's appointment)

    [I have put this thread in this section as I do not know what is causing my symptoms - if it is clear what I have, then please could a moderator move it to the correct section.]

    Hi everyone!

    For a couple of years now I have had symptoms that seem to be caused by either a form of rosacea or a similar skin condition. However, I have only recently learned about these conditions and I am having a tough time figuring out what I actually have. I am planning to see a GP fairly soon, but it would be useful to have a good starting block to work from. As I have several symptoms, and there a few possible causes for them, this post could be quite long, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could try and distil the information and give me a clearer idea of what's going on. For reference, I am: 19 years old; male and from the UK.

    I will first list my symptoms and then the conditions I think I may possibly have with an explanation below.


    -General redness across face (far more red than the majority of my skin)
    -Red nose (which I believe may have increased in size slightly)
    -Some patchy redness across cheeks
    -Spots ( mainly concentrated on nose, cheeks and sometimes chin)
    -Thinning hair in some areas
    -'Crawling' feeling on head (may be unrelated/my imagination)
    -Possible mild blepharitis (I only read about this very recently and I can't tell if I have it as I have no good reference pictures)

    Possible Conditions/Causes:

    -Rosacea (Papulopustular/Phymatous)

    Before finding out about rosacea in general, I originally read about rhinophyma. I had searched for information about what conditions may cause a nose to become red and swollen, as I think that my nose has slowly grown over recent years and is very red. From what I have read online, I am probably too young to have rhinophyma, but I am still taking it into account as it matches several of my symptoms and I did go through puberty relatively early, so I am wary that I could have just developed it earlier than usual.
    I have included papulopustular rosacea as a possibility as I have general rosacea symptoms and spots in affected areas, which looks like mild acne.

    Steroid rosacea

    I don't know if this is a realistic possibility as I do not use any topical steroids and I am not entirely sure what it looks like. I have merely included it as I use a beclometasone dipropionate 'preventer' inhaler - it is suggested that you gargle after using it, to clear it off your gums and throat, but as I use it mainly at night I just drink water with it and so probably ingest some of the steroid and this may be affecting my symptoms.


    This is where I really began to get confused. According to Wikipedia, demodicosis in humans can cause rosacea-like symptoms, so I decided to look into it further but I have found it difficult to find solid information about the condition. However, a lot what I have found seems to match my experiences such as a 'crawling' feeling on my head, some hair loss and possibly mild blepharitis (I can't really tell if I have this or not). In some ways, I believe that this may best fit my symptoms (particularly the 'crawling' as it's such a weird symptom I had just dismissed as hair moving back into place after taking off headphones or lying down - has anyone else has this symptom? How common is it amongst rosacea sufferers?). In other ways, though, I'm less convinced - I have found little information about this condition online and the websites offering information don't seem the most reliable or scientific. Also, other information seems to contradict what I've read e.g. [from a WebMD article regarding hair loss]: "Some people believe Demodex folliculorum contributes to hair loss ... But the organism does not cause hair loss." (though I think this is in regards to androgenic alopecia and not demodicosis). I suppose my main question is, does demodicosis even exist? It is essentially caused by having a large amount of the Demodex folliculorum mite AFAIK, which is something that I believe is true for most people with rosacea. If it does exist, how likely is it that it is causing my symptoms. [Quick family history regarding hair loss: maternal grandfather always had a fairly full head of hair (definitely didn't go bald); uncle on the same side as my grandfather is over 60 I think and as far as I know has not gone bald; my father, on the other hand, is now pretty bald but I don't believe that he began losing his hair as early as I have.]

    I understand that this is a large post with a lot of information, but I would greatly appreciate the assistance of anyone who can help me make sense of my symptoms in order to give me the best chance of getting the correct treatment when I see my doctor. I vastly underestimated how long this post would take to write (it's gone 6 am here) and so I'll be going to bed pretty much straight away, so please don't think I'm ignoring you if I take a little while to reply to your advice/questions.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    sounds like rosacea to me...but always best to get an opinion from a doctor...