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Newbie. Question about Rosacea. Do I have it? What does this mean? Stages?

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  • Newbie. Question about Rosacea. Do I have it? What does this mean? Stages?

    Hello! So, I am a 23 year old female who has struggled with cystic acne since I was in high school. Finally, that has gone away! Hooray right? Well...maybe not. Now, I have little broken capillaries spreading along my cheeks. I don't know if this is rosacea. I have always been rosy complected. I'm not sure if I "flush" so much as have really sensitive skin. I can't use a lot of aggressive products on it. Whether I have it or not, is obsolete. I have many of the symptoms of it and really have one question. Does having rosacea now, especially this young, mean I will develop ocular rosacea? I am an artist. My eyes are my job. So, I am very afraid. It is pointless to live in fear. As...if I have this, it's in the early stages. But I'm confused. Are the subtypes SUBTYPES as in they are all different categories of rosacea? Or are the subtypes STAGES of rosacea. As in ocular, and eventual disfigurement of the nose? I just want to know the nature of this. And would appreciate any direction!

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    im a 97 year old ex-male, have had occular rosacea for 74 years now and I'm not blind.
    subtypes are subtypes, not necessarily each accompanied by the other.
    sure one of the proper people is going to come here and give you an official answer.
    gotta watch out for them. it can be like talking to a computer, so heavily formulated and well temperamented are their answers.