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  • Ocular Rosacea

    In April of 2011 I went to the emergency room because of eye trouble, and by the forth follow up optimologist visit I was told I had rosacea. I knew nothing about it and thought it unimportant until my face began to hurt and my eyes began to bother me again. I'm more comfortable walking down the aisles at Home Depot and now I'm having to search for skin care products until my eyes hurt. I need to make an appointment to an optimologist, my eyes feel like there is sand in them and they itch and they are watery and blurry and very light sensitive and I want to claw them out. I realize now why the optimologist was having me wash my eyelids with baby shampoo mixed with water because of ocular rosacea. Until I see an optimologist are there any tricks to keeping my fingers out of my eyes?