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    Hello, all,
    I just joined the forum, though I've had rosacea for many years. It seems to be worse in the last year, though, and I thought that before I go talk to the dermatologist again and have her push antibiotics on me, I would try really hard to figure things out on my own.
    I don't have fair skin, but I have had other skin issues my whole life, such as eczema, acne, and a histamine reaction thing that happens causing itching over my whole body. I have taken large amounts of fish oil for a few years and have recently started taking turmeric - 5 large capsules-worth 2x per day - which I think is helpful. Or maybe it's just that during those periods when stress and exhausting schedules abate, I am able to be diligent about taking all the supplements so that I attribute the improvement to them.
    Anyway, here I am, mostly nosing around to research what more might be helpful. Thank you all for making this vast supportive community.
    -- Gretchen