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Anecdotal Contribution for 40 + sufferers and Finacea/Porsacea/Sulfur/Erythromycin

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  • Anecdotal Contribution for 40 + sufferers and Finacea/Porsacea/Sulfur/Erythromycin

    My research on Rosacea has taught me that anecdotal contributions of history, presentation, treatment and success/failure are very valuable since this condition doesn't seem to follow any consistency across the spectrum. So here is my contribution.

    I lived in a northern climate as a teenager and my P&P Acne vulgaris was mild and cleared by age 18 when I finished puberty. Very late bloomer! I have oily skin and burn in the sun, but will tan after a few times out. A mild sunburn would clear my acne vulgaris. I moved to Florida at age 19 and the vulgaris came back. It was chronic until the age of 31 when I moved back to the north and it cleared instantly. While in Florida, I treated with Neutrogena acne bar soap and lots of Benzoyl Peroxide 10%. Moisturizers and lotions with perfumes brought out cystic acne.

    At the age of 45, still in the north, my nose began to break out in acne regularly and I purchased and used Clearasil for the first time in 15 years. But it didn't work. Instead, my P&P grew faster, more painful and would finally form a hard white scab and leave a scar. However, these breakouts would come and go with just a few p&p's at a time.

    I move back to Florida at age 46 and got a sunburn one day. My face exploded all across my nose and cheeks with p&p's. My dad diagnosed me as having Rosacea (which he suffers as well and has been diagnosed by medical authority) and gave me his topical Erythro which knocked down all the bumps within a week.

    My triggers seem to be sun light, humidity, Vodka, Bourbon and stress. However, red wine, scotch, beer and spicy foods are not triggers. And I do not flush.

    I'm a cheapskate so I haven't yet visited the dermatologist to have this looked at. My company switched their health insurance to a deductible plan, so it all comes out of my pocket and since there is "no cure" and no real interest in a cure, I'll do my own research.

    Erythromycin worked. I control the regular acne vulgaris with Neutrogena Acne wash which uses salicylic acid. I used a salicylic acid tinted cover to handle Rosacea p&p's which did not irritate them but only seems to stop their progress and not clear them.

    A found and used Prosacea sulfur cream and it does a nice job of calming my nose and cheeks under non-stressful conditions. But a martini on the beach will bring out the p&p regardless!

    A friend gave me some samples of Finacea 15% Azelaic acid, and Sodium Sulfacetamide 10%, Sulfur 5% cleanser. These works for me. However, they are prescription only and unnecessarily expensive. The cleanser is $60 for a 6oz bottle and the Finacea is $200!!!

    I’ve found a sulfur based mask that is marketed only as “Powerful ACNE Treatment” from Diclabs. It’s a cream with 10% Sulfur. This isn’t as effective as the Acella sulfa soap, but helpful and stronger than the Procacea which is $9 for a tiny tube.

    I also found that outside of the U.S.A, the patent on Finacea by Intendis doesn’t allow them to gouge for the same product. So one may purchase it as Skinoren, 15% Azelaic acid, over the counter for about $15.

    Azelaic acid works for me, very well. Anyone can find Skinoren on the web without a prescription.