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What exactly am I dealing with?! Please help!

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  • What exactly am I dealing with?! Please help!


    I am 19 years old and for over a year now my skin under my eyes has felt extremely irritated and I have developed red circles under my eyes. What the irritation has created are deep diagonal lines coming down from my tear troughs that were never there before and wrinkles when I squint or smile. On top of this my eyes have felt extremely irritated and my eyelids have even turned red. Whenever I workout or sweat the area under my eyes puffs up even more and becomes extremely red and even burns occasionally. In addition, my left eye feels and looks worse than my right. I have been to a few dermatologists who have never really had an answer for me. One has told me it is possibly eczema, one has said possibly rosacea, and other opthamologists have called it blepharitis. Currently I am on monocycline and have been for a while and have tried metro gel in the past for a few weeks to no avail. I have also tried mario badescu control cream which actually did reduce the redness somewhat, but nothing has turned out to be that effective. Please let me know if you have any ideas what could be going on with the skin under my eyes.


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    Welcome to the forum. So sorry you are dealing with this.

    So "main stream medicine" or what is known as allopathic medicine, has it's focus and understandings that sometimes (ok often) miss more subtle issues. An "alternative medicine" practitioner or what is known as a homeopathic physician would at this point look into what might have happened just before these symptoms began to develop. Did you have something happen that required surgery? Were you ill and need a round of antibiotics? Did you move into a new environment? Was there a major life stressor? Are you taking any medication?

    Another thing they would seriously look into is what foods you might be developing a sensitivity or allergy to. This can be done by you by doing an elimination diet, or just try removing the three top offenders for a few weeks and see if that helps. Those offenders would be wheat/gluten, dairy, and peanuts.


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      Fungal skin conditions temporarily thicken the skin. The skin around the eyes and the lips will show odd creases, because the skin’s natural flexibility is decreased by the fungal skin plaques. Thick skin results from the fungi co-opting sugars, proteins and oils in your skin, to shield itself in an attempt to avoid detection by your immune system. These odd creases completely disappear with effective treatment, although plan on four to six months of treatment before you’re back to normal.

      Malassezia is treated with climbazole or ketoconazole, in lotions and body washes. I use Nizoral 2% ketoconazole cream around my eyes and on my lips. It’s legal to mail order it OTC from India or Thailand. I recommend ordering a 6-pack, as a 20 gram tube is empty in about 5 weeks. In my case, I’m 6-months into using Nizoral 2% around my eyes and lips, and the odd creases under my eyes started disappearing at about the 4th and 5th months, and are now gone. The papery skin plaques in my eyebrows continue to flake off, but much less now. I had dry red eyes too, and had to stop wearing contacts, but now I can wear them again.

      Aloe Vera gel appears to be an effective solvent on the protein, fat and polysaccharide bonds formed by the interaction of malassezia and the skin. Aloe Vera has no antifungal properties, and so I just slather it all over an hour before showering.

      Antibiotics make fungal conditions much worse. Ask your doctor why you are on antibiotics, or just stop taking them.

      Like you, my skin condition was aggravated by sweating and the body heat generated by exercise. Being sweaty seems to create an environment where fungus thrive. About a year ago I tried a no-exercise regimen for 2 months but it didn’t clear anything up, so don't stop exercising. I was also misdiagnosed in all the same ways that you were. Doctors aren't very well informed about fungal skin conditions, and so I researched and made a write-up on OTC skin treatments, found in in the “sticky” at Other Similar and Co-existing Conditions. Good luck!


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        Do the fungal skin conditions cause redness under eyes?


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          In my case, yes.