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    Good morning.

    I'm a new member, 45 year old female who has suffered from blushing since childhoold. I have been seeing a dermatologist for approx 10 years using Clindamycin gel 2x a day and occassionally minocycline for flare ups. I see the roceacea beginning to affect my eyelids.

    2 years ago I saw a plastic surgeon who used a non-aggressive laser to treat broken blood vessels. Recovery was mostly red spots with a few purple spots that took longer to vanish. Overall I was somewhat pleased, but wanted better results. Plastic surgeon suggested 4 or 5 more visits.

    Meanwhile, the dermatologist has been encouraging me to let him do the laser treatment. Yesterday, the dermatologist did the laser treatment and was VERY aggressive. From my cheekbones to my jawline I am covered in purple spots. I'm worried and could really use some support / encouragement. I have to go back to work in a few weeks and I'm very nervous. I have learned a lesson. This may turn out very well, but I'd encourage everyone to insist on better communication than I had with any physician. Do not allow their busy schedule to dictate the amount of information you gather.

    One question, I'm trying to see the photos in the laser treatment forum - anyone know why I can't see them?

    Thanks all. Best to you.