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Ocular and facial rosacea and other stuff--I turned 40 and started falling apart!

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  • Ocular and facial rosacea and other stuff--I turned 40 and started falling apart!

    Newbie here! 1 month into diagnosis and treatment of ocular rosacea following 2+ years of struggling with recurrent corneal ulcers/abrasians (yeah--they hurt as bad as you'd imagine!) Finally after multiple specialists (corneal and rheumatologist--had an elevated Rheumatoid factor on a blood test) I found an opthamologist who figured it out in about 5 minutes: Ocular Rosacea.

    She (my new eye doc) started me on doxycyline (a 3-week cycle--after which my symptoms immediately started coming back, so I'm back on as of today), and a recommended eyelid cleansing and hot compress routine and my eyes are so much better. The dryness has resolved about 70%. And knock-wood, no corneal injuries from my eyelids since then (at peak, I was getting them about every 2-3 weeks--yeouch!)

    And as my eyelid symptoms went away--low an behold: my skin problems magically disappeared! I had no idea that the redness and puffiness and enlarged pores around my nose and the center of my forehead were rosacea. And my chin and lower cheek breakouts (cystic) resolved as well. Who knew! I never'd had flushed cheeks or some of the (what I thought were) "classic" signs of rosacea, so it was never addressed. Also since I've always been meticulous with my skin care and pretty crafty with concealer, it pretty much went unnoticed by others (Of course it was glaringly obvious to me, but I thought it was just hormones, or something I was eating wrong.)


    I've learned a lot with still lots to learn!

    Nice to meet you all.

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    Welcome! Although we would all prefer not to have to come to this site, it is nice to have new people here contributing. Good luck!!! I too turned 40 and 2 months later my rosacea hit (


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      Me Too!

      Hi, I was the same way. I thought I was just flushed a lot or hormonal. I had no idea I had rosacea, until a estetician mentioned it. I have also been suffering with chronic
      dry eye and pain. The doctors kept saying it was sun damage, even though I am maticulas about sunglasses. Now a dermatologist diagnosed it. I start treatment today.