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Derm thinks I have rosacea :(

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    scared but hopeful

    Hey Melissa,

    Thank you for your unending support and encouragement. The past 2 days have been difficult for me to soldier through and hearing from you and other members of the group helps me manage a little better.

    I am seeing a new dermatologist next week, I think. I am trying to get an appt. with this doctor who supposedly knows a lot about rosacea. His name is Dr. Bikowski. I don't know what to expect as I read a post from another member who said he was not that helpful to them but that was only one person so I am still hoping that if I can get an appt. with him, it will go well and he will be able to help me.

    I feel a little bit down because I was invited to go on vacation to the virgin islands but don't think that I can go. I am not ready mentally to avoid the sun. I mean, I don't really know how the sun will affect me because I haven't been in it yet with this skin condition, but just from what I've read and been told, sun exposure is a no-no for rosaceans. Hmmmmph! I love the beach, it's always been my favorite place to be and I feel like I've been cheated a little. I had sort of a meltdown yesterday, crying and feeling so sad that it through me into a burning flareup. I haven't slept yet and it's almost 5am. Good thing I dont have to work. My eyes have been burning on and off which has me a little worried too. I never had the eye problem before but I am hoping that it will go away soon.

    My flareups are interesting in that I never really get too red, just blotchy and burny. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining it just seems different than how a lot of rosaceana say how they flush. Maybe I am still in "pre rosacea-ville?" I just don't want to progress. Thank you for sharing with me your experience with your skin and how it still looks good after having rosacea for a few years. I hope that things stay that way for you and even get better. I admire your positive attitude and must admit that I am even a little envious. I have some depression that I've been dealing with separate from my skin issues so it is harder for me to deal with this than maybe a non-depressed person. Not to say that it's any easier for someone else, but for me it's just doubly hard if that makes any sense. Seeing the light, if you will, is not shining bright for me. The thing is for me, I know that I make things harder for myself in my head. I catastrophize and think the worst case scenario a lot and that is something I have been working on myself for years.

    I am wondering if you think my condition could stay mild or do most people progress? I apologize if I've already asked this question and you've answered it. My mind feels overloaded and I wish so bad that I felt better emotionally and physically. I feel like I would be the happiest person in the world if I was told that I don't have rosacea and my symptoms went away. I would throw a celebration and party like there was no tomorrow. I'm just not sure how to survive this mentally. I am not sure I will know how to be happy with this. I guess that happiness is a choice that I will have to make and that it comes from within. I often wonder how people are happy who have major disabilities and/or are handicapped. It's interesting that some of the happiest people are handicapped or have some sort of disability.

    Anyway, I know that I can get better, I just don't know how easy/hard it will be for me. I'm scared but not hopeless.

    I always have warm cheeks.. I know that I've asked you this too before. Will they ever feel normal? They aren't red which is good but they feel so warm. What gives??

    Well, I suppose I should try and get some sleep. I am feeling hurt by my family because they believe that my skin problems are in my head. I guess because I already suffer from depression, they think I've somehow caused my skin condition and if I could just "get my act together" then my skin would be ok. Gee, I wish it was that easy!

    Thanks again, Melissa. You really are a good person!



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      Good luck to you too! I hope that you will find something that works for you!

      Hang in there and stay strong!


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        i spoke too soon...

        OK, I spoke too soon... Half an hour after eating granola cereal with milk, my cheeks flushed (usually I just get blotchy). I wonder if it was the dairy or sugar/carbs? Or just a coincidence and not related to my diet at all? Hmmm.. maybe I should try and cut out dairy, sugar and carbs and just eat protein and veggies? Well, that's no fun but if it helps with my symptoms then I'm all for it!!


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          Hi Pam,
          It certainly couldn't hurt to eliminate certain foods at least temporarily and see how you do. I cannot really advise you regarding this area as I haven't cut anything out besides alcohol and spicy foods and hot (temperature wise) foods and (some) dairy.

          I eat a healthy diet though but I eat lots of (complex) carbs which many here advise against for their rosacea. I eat lots of veggies, salads, fruit (which is high in sugar) etc. I do not eat much dairy though but since I reduced the amount of dairy I eat (a couple of years now) I have not noticed any difference in my rosacea. However everyone is different so I think it is a good idea to try eliminating/reducing certain foods and see what happens.

          I don't know Dr Bikowski but he has written articles on rosacea so I hope he is of help to you. Good luck with your appt and let us know how it goes and what you think of him.


          ps I just read what you wrote about your family and I am so sorry. People can be so insensitive and it can be really difficult at times. Sending virtual hugs your way!


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            Pam, here are a couple of links you may find helpful btw.
            First one is how to live with a chronic disease and still have a happy life.
            The next 2 links are about diet/nutrition and rosacea. If you do a search here you will find lots more diet links regarding what has helped others with their rosacea symptoms.





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              thank you Melissa

              Originally posted by Melissa W View Post
              Pam, here are a couple of links you may find helpful btw.
              First one is how to live with a chronic disease and still have a happy life.
              The next 2 links are about diet/nutrition and rosacea. If you do a search here you will find lots more diet links regarding what has helped others with their rosacea symptoms.




              Hi Melissa,

              I didn't see this post until now.. thank you, it is helpful!