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Hi All - totally unsure what's going on!

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  • Hi All - totally unsure what's going on!


    Really glad to have found this forum.

    I have had a rosy complexion for quite a few years. When pregnant for the 2nd time 4 yrs ago my skin became very sensitive and spotty, I stopped wearing foundation and blusher, which definatley helped. And for the first time i years I had compliments on my skin (though still rosy). I have an underactive thyroid, diagnosed about 4-5 yrs ago, now taking 150mcg Levothyroxine daily.

    My sister has had problems with her skin since last summer (co-inciding with her being diagnosed also with an underactive thyroid). She went to her GP thinking she had acne, he told her she has Rosacea and sent her away with Metrogel (metronizole gel). She has papules and pustules and redness.

    In the last 2 weeks my cheeks have become redder and redder, my skin is burning and tingling. I went to see my GP last on Wednesday and showed him, told him about my sister. He looked at my face for 30 seconds, asked what my sister used and gave me a prescription for the same!

    I am flushing a lot and my cheeks feel hot, I'm getting myself upset which is probably making things worse.

    Am I right in thinking Metronizole is more for papules and pustules more than redness?

    I used my Liz Earle cleanse and polish last night (as I do 2-3 times a wk) and my face does feel slightly better today and I have not used the Metrogel as I am wondering if it makes my symptoms worse? The Metrogel seemed to help my sister a little but a month on, overall it has not made much difference!

    Help! Any advice?

    So sorry to blab on so much just trying to give as much info as poss

    Thank you in advance....