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Pain, ugly, avoiding stress and men who don't shave. Using doxycline and tretinoine.

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  • Pain, ugly, avoiding stress and men who don't shave. Using doxycline and tretinoine.

    Hi, i'm new here and decided to register to be able to get some information.
    I'm a woman 44 years old, live in Holland and have this problem since about 10 months.

    At first it started with some red bumpbs under on my chin and on one side of my mouth.
    They didn't disappear.
    Since i have Granuloma Annulare an persisting insectbites on my arms that itches so bad, I would sometimes like to cut it out i wasn't that much worried.
    Just another problem with my skin i thought.

    And then i think i made a big mistake.
    I started using some creme i have for my arms on my face. I have different hormoncremes.
    The strongest ones but also lighter ones. The very mild one i used om my face, little bits and it helped, i thought.
    Within 1 month i had created a new problem: Rosacea all over my face.
    The weather in Holland is not that mild, so especially this winter, everytime i got out of the house, the cold felt as if someome had thrown acid in my face, and that's what it did look like

    I do not have the red marks like most people have it on the chin, cheeks and forehead. It's more all small red bumbs that itch and hurt.
    After doing anything that make my vessels widen like sport, alcohol, stress, emotions, sex, hot food, i get a red face that hurts and it takes some hours for it to go. Kissing with a man who didn't shave is also no longer an option. It leaves me marked for a week.
    Most painfull is that sometimes my skin seems to become thicker, sort of bumby, leather like. And that hurts allready when someone just looks at it.
    On special occasions i take a painkiller then.

    Nothing could be put on my skin, nothing at all. Everything hurt.
    In Holland people do not use medication unless it is very severe. Natural birth is a normal thing here and ging to a dentist is always without any painkilling. Only paracetamol can be bought the rest is only on perscription.
    The way people in Holland and Europe think about the way people use medication and vitamine for instance in the VS is a reason for jokes. I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle.
    So before you take any pill (vitamine or medication) it's normal to have tried anything else. Most annoying is probably then all advice people give. "Use Dr Hauska", "eat this", "go to the chinese doctor" etc etc. And on top most funny: "Go to the sauna".
    I can allready tell you that would be the very worst thing i could do for my skin.

    7 weeks ago i started doxycycline (100 mg a day) and Tretinoine. Ofcourse (normal in Holland) before that, i had to have very severe Rosacea.
    At first i thought my dermatologist was a sadist to give me such a creme. Just water allready hurt, imagine that creme!
    Just at the point were i dediced that it was not helping at all, after like 6 weeks, it started to get better. And now my face is still not as it was but a lot better!

    For me what is not helping is the screen of the computer (?), stress (very bad), sports, cold weather, rain.
    Helping is: towards my period my skin is doing better, using sunscreen spf 50+ everyday, rain or shine (it took a while before i found one that didn't hurt) and avoiding stress no matter what.
    And maybe the medication?

    I have some pictures made when it looked bad and hurt, but like everyone here, not realy liking that.

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    Hi Magz, Welcome to the community where we're all searching for an answer to this disfiguring disease. Do you have facial services in Holland where lasers are used?
    "It's all illusion anyway."


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      Hi and welcome

      I know what you mean about all the advice to use this and that. There are some conditions that do need more medical help and I am glad that you have found some things to finally help you.

      I agree about avoiding men that dont shave, worse still is the stubble