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A Call to My Fellow Rosaceans

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  • A Call to My Fellow Rosaceans

    Hello, everyone. First of all, I just wanted to say how glad I am to have found a forum where I can commiserate with those afflicted with this most deplorable skin condition. I hope to eventually move past this point of wallowing in my own misery, so that I may direct my energies towards finding ways to ameliorate the current state of my Rosacea. At least, I think I have Rosacea. I'm still not quite sure. I've had a sneaking suspicion that I've had Rosacea for what amounts to be about 2.5 years. My nose is always quite rubicund (more so than the other parts of my face), and my cheeks usually have a pinkish hue to them (though my cheeks don't look too bad at all, it is my nose that bothers me the most). Things are exacerbated when the temperature drops, as my nose tends to become ruddy in the cold weather. I guess frigid weather is one of my triggers.

    Anyway, I had been seeing a dermatologist during this time period for acne that I have had for about 3 years, and he never mentioned anything about the red complexion of my nose. One time I voiced my concerns, and he pretty much dismissed them, saying that he didn't think my nose looked red. During my last meeting with him, I was a bit more belligerent (in that I brought up the grievances that I have with my red nose a few times). He then nonchalantly throws out that it is possible that I have Rosacea. How is it that I had been visiting this doctor for 3 years with the same red nose, but it is not until now that he suggests that I might have Rosacea? I don't get it.

    After the dermatologist mentioned that I might have Rosacea, I asked if there was anything that could be done about the redness. He said that there was nothing, and that I should just do my best to avoid any triggers. Is he correct in saying this? I truly hope not. Needless to say, I was less than satisfied with his sagacious words of wisdom, and I will not be going back to him.

    I realize that this post is extremely prolix, and I apologize. I just needed to do a little bit of venting. I'm really upset, and I'm unsure of the next steps to take. I hate looking like this, as I'm sure you all do. I just want to be able to talk with people who understand what I'm going through. Maybe I'll post some pictures on here and get some feedback. If anyone took the time to read this, I thank you. In the future, I promise to make my posts more coherent and less verbose

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    Hello qp and welcome to the RF.
    It can be an overwhelming diagnosis especially when your dermatologist says there is nothing that can be done. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many effective treatments and it is just a matter of trial and error and taking it one day at a time to find what works best for you.

    Here is a link that you might find a helpful place to search:

    Do you have any other symptoms like flushing and/or burning or papules/pustules?
    What have you used to treat your acne?

    Do you have any known diet triggers? Take a look at this link:

    Before you would start thinking about lasers/IPL you would want to try less invasive treatments but that is something to consider for the future as that can help redness.
    The first few threads in this section contain the Q and A's with laser specialists:

    Hang in there and my suggestion is to perhaps find a new dermatologist. One who is up on more of the rosacea treatments.


    ps I moved your thread to the newbie section


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      Hi there quixotic_pessimist

      Yes as Melissa mentions, definetly look into seeing a new Dermatologist for advice. Sometimes you have to shop around. Many of us have needed to do this before we eventually found a truely helpful, informative Derm.

      I know how you feel re red nose and pink cheeks. You are definetly not alone. The good thing is that there are various options out there that can help you, and a good Derm will give the right advice and proper medical treatment to suit your Rosacea type. By the sounds of things you likely have Rosacea Type 2 (Redness/acne), or a combo of Type 1 (Redness, and prone to flushing) and Type 2.

      As for next steps to take, it could be an idea to research about treatments suited to different Rosacea types i.e Oracea, or low-dose Doxycycline is often helpful to keep acne rosacea under control- but it will take a few months for anti-inflammatory properties to kick-in. V-Beam laser is helpful reducing blood vessels/redness.

      Best, Shantelle

      31 Year old female from NZ


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        Melissa and Shantelle, thank you for replying. Sorry for taking so long to respond.


        My nose a cheeks flush a bit in the cold weather and after I take a warm shower. I don't experience burning sensations. I wasn't entirely sure of what papules/pustules were, but from the images a looked at on google, I don't think that I have them. I don't know exactly what I used in the past, but I can look that up for you if it is important. Most recently I was on 500 mg Cefadroxil (which I have since stopped taking because I wasn't seeing any improvement with it) and .025% tretinoin gel. So right now I am only using the gel (but I apply it sparingly).

        I don't believe I have an diet triggers, I've never noticed any flushing after eating or drinking something (though I don't drink alcohol, and I've read that alcohol is usually a trigger). But like I've said, my nose and cheeks are almost always have a red or pinkish hue to them.

        My skin is also a little bit oily, I don't know if that is common