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  • Off Topic a little...not anymore :)

    I was diagnosed with Rosacea a week ago and its been hard. I have the redness/pinkness, burning (comes and goes) and tiny red lines. No pimples, etc yet. I also seem to be sensitive to lights and my computer screen. The tiny red lines however aren't always where my Rosacea is located. Mornings I am normal, during the day I am pinkish/reddish all over my face and neck with some burning/warming. Evenings I am usually pretty good with some redness. When I am 'normal' , meaning face is pretty white, I can get red on my forehead (middle 2/3rds), nose, part of upper cheek and chin if I laugh or cry or get mad, etc.

    i was originally diagnosed by my 1st dermatologist as having dermititis as I was red and burning. IT all started at the time I was having my basement and kitchen remodeled. So lots of dust, chemicals, tiles being ripped up, etc. I was put on Prednisone (30mg for 4 days, 20mg for 4 days and 10mg for 4 days) and told to put Cortaid on my face. Well the Prednisone didnt work and Im not sure he gave me a stong enough dosage. Also, I have read that using the Cortaids of the world is horrible for your face. Well I used it for 4-5 weeks like it was my face lotion. I put it all over my face and neck. I stopped using the Cortain on March 2nd. When I went back to tell him the Presdinone didnt work and that i was getting these tiny red lines everywhere he told me he couldnt help me anymore. He said it was due to sun damaged skin and that something irritated it/dried it out and thus my red/burning face and tiny red lines. He said the burning would go away in a few months and the redness would get better but probably not go entirely back to my base color. I was like are you kidding me?

    Questions: Can 4-5 weeks of using Cortaid cause my skin to worsen and cause the tiny red lines on my face, forehead and chin? My dermatologist didnt think that was enought time to make it worse. Im not so sure.

    If the Cortaid did make my skin worse, how long until I would see an improvement? I have read up to a few months.

    To Continue....I went to see a 2nd dermatologist and she said after a few minutes I had Rosacea from the symptoms I was telling her. She thinks it is Subtype 1. She didnt think it was what the 1st dermatologist said it was. I do believe I have Rosacea due to my symptoms but still wonder if the Cortaid really screwed up my skin. It seems thinner and I am getting a lot of lines on my face. The 2nd dermatologist has me on oral and topical antibiotics and I started taking them a week ago.

    Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. I have enjoyed reading all the posts and threads. Also, anyone with subtype 1 rosacea? DId you see any improvement from the antibiotics? If so, how long did it take? Anything you would recommend /suggest I look into?

    Sorry more questions... :-) I am interested in SIBO. Stomach issues run in my family. I am curious if anyone of the people treated for SIBO had subtype 1 rosacea and did the redness go away after they were treated for SIBO? I am thinking of getting tested. I am getting tested for auto-immune (Anti Nuclear Antibody test) and Sed Test for inflammation.

    And my last question.. i promise! :-) I have read Rosacea can go into remission for years. Is this true? Has anyone experience this?

    Sorry for the long post but I look forward to hearing back from everyone!


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    Hi Doug
    Welcome to the RF!

    I moved your post from that thread in research and current affairs as it will get lost there.

    I am so sorry about your diagnosis but there is much you can do so don't despair. Take your time navigating around here as there is a lot of info and don't let it overwhelm you. One day at a time.

    I can't say if 1 week of applying Cortaid could be responsible for your symptoms but the best thing for your face now is time and patience and gentle care. Also make sure you wear sunblock when outside.

    Check out this link when you have a chance as it gives a helpful overview.

    Do a search re SIBO as we have lots of info on that topic as well.
    Here's one to get you started:

    As far as remission there are different thoughts on this. I certainly hope that is possible but I just don't know.

    Best wishes,


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      Also check out the honey thread as well as this:


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        Thanks Melissa! I just have to be patient. Im only into week 1 of treatment with oral and topical antibiotics! Hopefully, that will do a lot for me. I also just did a Nuclear Antibody test and Sed Test. I will get results next week. Also, have you ever been tested for SIBO?

        Thanks again and I love New York! :-)


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          Hi Doug,
          Yes, be patient as it can take a bit of time.
          Good luck with your test results.


          ps I was never tested for SIBO.


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            Thanks Melissa! Do you think you will get tested for SIBO? I think I will but not for a month or so. I figure why not.

            Also, I believe you have mentioned that you get burning as do I.. Can you describe your burning, where you feel the burn, etc.

            Thanks again!


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              I haven't been planning to any time soon.

              My face burns whenever I flush. It feels like my face is on fire if that makes any sense. VBeam and red light have been helpful in increasing my threshold for flushing/burning but it still burns whenever I do flush. My cheeks and nose are affected when I flush and are where the burning occurs. If I have a bad flush my whole face flushes and burns. Luckily that is not very often.


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                Hey Doug you may find this interesting



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                  Thanks Again Melissa!

                  Thank you! When I first starting reading the posts on this site about SIBO, the digestive track, etc I thought what hog wash! But the more I have researched it I am becoming a believer myself. 70% of our immune system is in our digestive track so it makes a lot of sense. If our digestive track is not right then our immune system is not right which can lead to all kinds of problems. Are you taking anything for your digestive track?

                  Besides a test for SIBO, are there any other tests for your digestive track to see if everything is all good? I think Dr's should start testing your digestive track yearly to go along with a physical!


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                    Hey Doug,
                    I agree with you and I tried to get my dermatologist give me a treatment with rifaximin as directed here. However we got onto another topic and I forgot to pursue this with him. Thanks for reminding me about this. I am not sure if I am remembering this correctly so forgive me if I am wrong but it may be difficult to get accurate results from the SIBO test so I think that treating with rifaximin is perfectly safe and saves you the trouble of taking the test and getting a false neg or pos. But I could be totally wrong on this...


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                      HI Melissa,

                      I believe you are correct that the test can be inaccurate at times. Also, I believe rifaximin doesnt always work for SIBO and if it doesnt work then another drug needs to be used. I think it starts with an 'M'. Call me Dr Doug. LOL....Let me know if you start taking rifaximin. I think its safe to take with other antibiotics, etc.


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                        Will do
                        It won't be any time soon as I am not due for an appt with my derm for a while but I will certainly let you know.

                        Good luck and let us know how it goes.


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                          Thanks! Keep in touch!


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                            Originally posted by mrsmoof View Post
                            HI Melissa,

                            I believe you are correct that the test can be inaccurate at times. Also, I believe rifaximin doesnt always work for SIBO and if it doesnt work then another drug needs to be used. I think it starts with an 'M'. Call me Dr Doug. LOL....Let me know if you start taking rifaximin. I think its safe to take with other antibiotics, etc.
                            The other drug's name is metronidazole.
                            Anyway drugs won't solve the problem of SIBO, in my opinion. You have to replenish the flora that will control pathogens by producing acids like lactic acid, acetic acid, and some fatty acids. Pathogens thrives in an alkaline environment. Antibiotics actually kill the beneficial flora too, and thus leave the bowel more alkaline because of the resulting lack of them. Have you tried to drink kefir? You could also start to eat plenty of fermented foods, like raw sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented vegetables,... You can also eat oat and rice brans to feed the flora, as they are prebiotics.
                            If you plan to take rifaximin, be sure to eat lot of beneficial fermented foods to replenish the flora.


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                              Thanks for that MasK. I forgot about that and I think I won't ask my derm for rifaximin in that case.