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**POLL** Low Level Light Therapy / Red Light Therapy

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    Originally posted by GJ View Post
    If someone has found an appropriate set of goggles or hit upon a good idea for protecting the eyes from infrared light levels, I would be very grateful to hear about it. (Preferably something that does not involve lifting the eyelid and placing a plate underneath it or some such. Eek!')

    Hi: I bought my RLT from "Jellen" and they sell the goggles and I use those - they were $5.00. Darcy


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      I bought my RLT machine from "Jellen" and they sold plastic goggles for $4.99 and use those - have not had a problem. /Darcy


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        Hi guys I just bought a dual LED unit from the LEDMAN. with both red and infra red LEDS. I was wondering if instead of wearing goggles if I could make an enclosure around the unit which will stop the light from coming out from around it and potentially into my eyes.
        If so, I'd just like to know what materials would be sufficient to not allow the Infra red light to penetrate through. Would say the coloured plastic used in ice cream containers or other tupperware containers be sufficient? Or is something more heavy duty required?



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          Originally posted by Lookout View Post
          Hi Twicklepurple!!!

          I am just starting to use the red+near infrared and as of yet I can't say I see looks white for about 1 minute after session but redness comes back.

          How are you recovering? I have had some up days and some bad...I am somewhere in the middle right now...Take care
          In my experience, the effects of the low level light therapy are accumulative, this has been commented on by others too -- that you build on each time you use it. So your paleness lasts longer and the flushing becomes more and more sporadic and reduced. I still have flushes, they happen every day, but they go away quickly instead of lingering and they are more defined instead of all over stem to stern so to speak. ;) Some changes are so subtle at first, that it doesn't register until the difference is remarkable, like the dry (I'm talking sub sahara) skin on my face is gone, my skin barrier is healing. It's never been like this my entire life.


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            Since originally voting on the poll that I was considering getting one, I took the plunge and bought a Britebox Revive. I've been using it for 5 weeks so far, 5x a week building up gradually, and I think I'm starting to see an improvement.


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              How are people getting on with RLT and which is the best unit?

              Great news on everyone's success!

              Few questions if that is OK?

              Type of Unit
              Are full face units better? Or handhelds?

              How you are using the unit
              How long are you using it for?
              How long have you been using it?

              When did you start to see results? And what were they?

              Are you using other rosacea treatment and is this having any influence?

              Red, Blue, Yellow, Infrared
              Which light are you using? Are you alternating?

              I thought just blue light damaged the eyes?
              Are there any long terms effects? This article refers to "premature ageing" but doesn't go into detail:

              Make, model
              Which unit are you using?

              Unit cost
              How much did your unit cost?
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                Just to let you know, I've started a survey of 10 questions on the effectiveness of red light therapy here:

                It's quite a bit more comprehensive then the poll on here so see if we can gauge any correlations.

                Will be great if you could participate!

                Will be interesting to see the results.