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Improvement with Green light therapy!

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  • Improvement with Green light therapy!

    I've tried red light, blue light, yellow light; but none of those has been even to close in effectiveness to green light.

    For people that are unaware green is also used in the KTP laser. I've been using this colour light now for about 2 weeks, 20 mins a day and have noticed a reduction in my permeant redness & burning; granted it's not gone but I've noticed a significant improvement.

    I've used red and also red + infrared and quite frankly this made my condition worse. My face felt hot and looked red afterwards, it goes too deep & irritates the nerves it seems. Green light is deeper than blue but shallower than yellow. Remember the belief about rosacea is for us the capillaries are closer to the skin hence why they are visible. I don't believe buying these really expensive red light panels that go as deep as possible are doing you any good, maybe for collagen not for Rosacea though. After 20 mins of green light my skin feels calm, redness is way down & my face feels normal temperature.

    Anyone that has tried red light and got no results or made it worse. Try green light.

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    Assuming it is LED can you give a link to the device you are using? Thanks.