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  • Best red light therapy

    I never really looked into red light therapy and have no idea how this stuff works. I've read a bit about it but and wanted to try it for the long term on my end.

    My question is what brands or types of light therapy have you used and what do you guys recommend?

    I have type 1 permanent redness and it has only gotten worse by the months. Following the elimination diet and a very minimalist skin care routine in hopes of healing and controlling my symptoms.

    Thank you

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    IowaDavid used to be very active here at RF with his own red light therapy using LED. You can find a lot more information on LED here. There are a number of other light devices used for rosacea, i.e., laser, IPL, etc. which is covered in this overall post on this subject, Should I Consider Broadband Therapy for Rosacea?
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