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    Anything new on the ears?

    Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 1.39.06 pm.jpg

    My ears seem to be always red! and get even more red when i flush , thinking of trying ear pinning or plastic surgery as well as IPL.

    Any Suggestions?


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      updated links

      Basically, if treatment for demodex doesn't improve rosacea then obviously it isn't demodectic. To quote Dr. Draelos, "Rosacea is probably a collection of many different diseases that are lumped together inappropriately." Source.

      For example, the NRS only recognizes one rosacea variant, Granulomatous Rosacea. So far the RRDi recognizes seven variants of rosacea, Perioral Dermatitis, Demodectic Rosacea, Rosacea Conglobata, Pyoderma Faciale, Glandular Rosacea, Rosacea Fulminans, and Granulomatous Rosacea. Source

      The classification of rosacea into subytypes and variants is a controversial subject. What we need is to know what causes rosacea, which is still not known. Yes, rosacea is mysterious, baffling and confusing. However, despite this confusion, many have rosacea controlled either by following the treatment suggested by a dermatologist or have found alternative ways to control it using non prescription treatments. By spending a few hours reading the posts in this forum you may educate yourself on what others are doing to control their rosacea.
      Brady Barrows
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        Originally posted by RedEar1 View Post

        My ears seem to be always red! and get even more red when i flush , thinking of trying ear pinning or plastic surgery as well as IPL.

        Any Suggestions?
        I would try Soolantra (ivermectin cream) and propranolol.


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          Originally posted by IowaDavid View Post
          Yes, you can reduce and control a lot of your flushing with low-level red light therapy. You need to use it consistently, however, at least at first. I have used red light for several years now and it has made a huge improvement in my flushing and redness and my ability to be active again.

          Don't waste your money on something that is 1) small and covers only part of your face at a time and 2) uses a weak light source. If you don't by a good product, it will take you forever to do treatments and they may not be effective. A waste of your time and money. If you buy a good unit, it will last you many, many years. Consider it an investment, because this disorder is genetic and will be with you to varying degrees for the rest of your life. It's not likely that we'll be getting any magic pills soon.

          I wouldn't waste your time on green or yellow light because they don't penetrate the skin effectively and stimulate your cellular mechanisms to normalize function the way red light does. Blue light is actually UV, which you DEFINITELY don't want in a rosacea light therapy device. Some makers out there actually market devices with blue light in them for rosacea, which is crazy.

          I'm partial to this light: , but that's me.

          Best of luck with things.

          Really wish that I had read this before I bought my unit this morning - the one I have bought is small and probably isn’t strong enough. I think that if I see a small difference then I will invest - thank you so much. I’ve seen a few of your posts on this matter.


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            Try eating some healthy food. might be helpful?