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Dr. Nase, your guidance on laser info would mean a lot..

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  • Dr. Nase, your guidance on laser info would mean a lot..

    Dr. Nase,

    If you could help me with my 3 main questions below it would be greatly appreciated. I have your book which talks about IPL and the settings to use, but now the lumenis, YAG, N-LITE, etc. are in the picture.
    Can you please enlighten me on what settings to use in order to accomplish these goals w/laser treatment and how they differ from the IPL info in your book.

    1.) I'm 20 so I'm trying to PREVENT/REVERSE Rhinophyma, if I truly have it, but I really think I do, how do I advise/direct my local laser surgeon on treating my nose area with the N-LITE? (if that's the best for this) How to point it, what settings, how many treatments, etc. I have abnormal amounts of oil production and a million blackheads, literally, and have noticed my nose change shape over past two years (18-20 yrs old). Is the NLITE the best for this and the abnormal oil production? I also would like to treat my cystic acne w/this. (Accutane dried out my eyes too much, even at 10 mg twice a week)

    2.) I'm not sure if I should wait for this because we're still determining if a 3 week interval between laser treatments is better than 1 week a interval every other day treatment in order to prevent blood vessel regrowth, but what settings are optimal with the lumenis one and do they change when using them in 1 week or 3 week time span? Are the best setting for the lumenis the same as what is is your book? For treating flushing, redness, boken blood vessels etc. Is the YAG best for broken blood vessels, how do I know what settings to tell my laser surgeon when treating me w/YAG?

    3.) I'm on Doxcycline 100 mg daily now from my eye doctor to control my ocular rosacea. Can I use this through laser treatment? Can I use clarithromycin with this because I need something stronger to help w/my cystic acne, but how long before laser should I discontinue clarithomycin?

    Thanks very much much, I apprecuate it.

    Chris Long Island, NY

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      I would like to know the answers to these questions as well.

      And if I could throw in one of my own -
      How terrible would it be to have ablative resurfacing? I have light scarring and very gross, rough skin texture. Non-ablative lasers aren't going to be enough, but I don't want to permanently worsen my rosacea.

      Sort of off topic, but I didn't know rhinophyma could strike at our age.
      (I'm 19)

      Good luck to you.
      25 year old male, 20mgs Accutane daily.
      10mg's of Singulair daily (bonus that it helps with my asthma! lol)

      Shave w/ Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel, Sensor Excel razor. (Used to use Mach3, but tried Sensor and won't go back!)