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2008 Q&A - Interview with Dr Nick Soldo

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  • 2008 Q&A - Interview with Dr Nick Soldo

    Hi everyone,
    I contacted Dr. Soldo and he graciously accepted an offer to do a question and answer session with us. We have a week or 2 to get our questions together before I present them to him. Please submit your questions here. Thanks.

    Best wishes,
    Melissa W
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    Hello Melissa

    Nick Soldo is an extremely respected professional in his field so I am sure a Q & A session will be very useful for those interested in laser treatments.

    Thanks for arranging as I know how these things can take time and effort to organise.



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      ? for dr. Soldo


      I have viewed the video a zillion times and wish to heavens that my derm would too. I feel that he knows zilch about rosacea and less about what is going on in his treatment rooms which are staffed by "operators" at the best

      here's my question.Thanks so much for offering your time and compassion for those of us struggling for normal lives

      in your protocol, how many miliseconds for each pulse? is the delay between each pulse 20 ms. I understand the filters ( 640, 590, 560 ) the joules 20 but I am not sure about the reference to 3-20 ms

      In your experience and expertise, have you had any paltients who were not helped by the IPL treatments and were more successful with the pulsed dye lasers. if so, which one or ones.

      Sincerest thanks


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        Hi Dr. Soldo,

        Thanks again for agreeing to do the Q and A.

        What is your preferred treatment of choice (i.e. VBeam, KTP-532, Nd:Yag 1064, IPL) for the following symptoms:

        1. flushing with burning
        2. papules and/or pustules
        3. permanent redness



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          Dr. Soldo,

          What do you do for a patient who has been unresponsive to laser or IPL?

          And, is there a maximum # of treatments where you feel doing any more would not be of any benefit or do you have no limit as long as the patient is improving? That is, are there any negative effects over time that could happen with repeated IPL or laser?

          Thanks again,


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            Hi Dr Soldo and many thanks for agreeing to do this Q and A.

            Do you ever treat the eyelids and if you do how do you protect the eye?

            What treatment would you think best for potential early stage rhinophyma?

            If rosacea is mild would you recommend starting laser/IPL treatment early to avoid progression?

            Many thanks



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              Dr. Soldo,

              Is there a different method in treating telangiectasias from steroid induced rosacea
              vs. a treatment to reduce flushing and overall redness?

              Are all telangiectasias treated the same?
              - circular spots around outer cheeks and sides towards the ears
              - lines around the side of nose and nostrils with some diffuse background redness

              Thanks for your support,


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                Dr Soldo,

                Thank you for your time.

                I know that Lumenis One is your choice of IPL but what do you think about IPL devices such as Sciton BBL, Starlux and Limelight?

                Is there a major difference between IPLs manufactured by different brands in terms of the protocols and the device settings that should be used, meaning would you still use the same filters, pulse width, number of passes and other variables with Sciton BBL, Starlux or Limelight?

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                  Hi Dr Soldo,

                  There is things going around at the moment about IPL and fat loss and skin indentations? Have you ever encountered this before? Is this down to a inexperienced technician or is it a case by case basis and this potentially might happen to anyone?




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                    Hi Dr Soldo,

                    My question is about the energy levels for IPL that you use on your patients. How do you find the optimum level for each person?

                    The reason i ask is during my treatments using a 3-pass protocol (on the Lumenis One) have gone from a range 20-24J for each pass (24 for the longer wavelength) to recently up to 28J for them all. I'm told my skin is very light tolerant. However i'm not noticing any improved benefits. Is it a case of maximum energy for maximum coagulation? (without burning of course)




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                      Would you ever recommend Levulan for people with rosacea?

                      If you were a rosacea patient and going for IPL/laser treatment what questions would you recommend asking the practice?

                      Does my last question make sense?


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                        Dr Soldo,

                        Are there any recommendations you would give to IPL patients that could help to reduce post-treatment angiogenesis?

                        Many thanks,


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                          Dr Soldo,

                          1) What is your preferred means (e.g. IPL, vBeam etc) of going after the deeper capillaries?

                          2) Do you experience a significant number of patients whose rosacea is accompanied also by chronically dry skin? If so why does it occur, in your opinion? (perhaps due to impaired barrier function, lipid production?). Do you find laser/IPL treatment improves the problem?

                          3) In general, over what sort of time period do you give patients maintenance IPL treatments (3 months/6 months/a year?), after their initial series of treatments?

                          4) What new rosacea treatment(s) are you most excited about, looking to the next few years?



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                            Dr. Soldo,
                            Thank you for taking the time to answer and help those of us who suffer from rosacea. I would like to know:

                            1. Can the IPL settings be set too high/too aggressive and actually make rosacea worse? Or do you feel that as long as a patient's skin tolerates the settings without blisters, etc. this is a correct setting.

                            2. If a patient has to fly to get to you, how long do you recommend they stay before flying home.

                            3. After IPL, how long do you recommend the patient not exercise or take supplements?

                            4. Do you have any patients who do not get the desired clearance of symptoms after the 10 sessions you recommend? If so, what do you recomment they do next?

                            Thank you again,


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                              Q and A session

                              Hi Dr Soldo.

                              What treatments IPL/laser would you suggest to someone who has mild to moderate rosacea:
                              - symptoms include flushing and redness which occur only in a warm/hot environment, or due to social embarassment, red bumps and some spider veins? (this seemed to occur after an ear infection which resulted in a red rash like eczema, which is now cleared up).

                              Do you recommend a combination of Photogenesis using IPL along with Laser Genesis an Nd:YAG laser of 1064nm for the above to be the most successful and safest option for the early stages of roscea?

                              Is it ok to receive these treatments while on Tetralysal(lymecycline)?

                              Also what do you think of Isolaz PPX Therapy which claims to clear acne but also help clear rosacea

                              Many thanks for taking time to answer our questions.

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