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Just popped by to say Hi ............

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  • Just popped by to say Hi ............

    So glad that I found you guys. I don't know what I would do without you. I had my 8th IPL treatment and I am pleased with the results.
    I have my 9th in 2 weeks. Can I post a question about the Vasculight machine.

    My last treatment, the RN used 40 joules ( started with 24 ). She uses the pre-set parameters. This includes the 560 for the redness ( double pulse first pass )and then she uses the 550 for the vascular lesions ( triple pulse for the second pass )

    Although I am pleased, I think that increasing the joules any more will not help. I think that she should change the filters. I have no idea which one. She is very open. I don't see the derm until August.

    Thanks all

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    Hi Linda,

    The 550 and 560 are not that different. You are right, she has reached the high end in Joules (energy). The 560 and 590 are two very complimentary filters for us. Double pulse is great, but you can increase the pulse duration and decrease the pulse delay which is much more safe than just cranking up the energy. Good luck Great to see you on board.

    Dr. Geoffrey Nase
    Ph.D. Neurovascular Physiologist
    Rosacea Research Specialist, IN