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    Originally posted by Lookout View Post
    Geez Peter....Nase weighs 260lbs with obivious rosacea....I would LOVE to see a current pic of him...makes me think we should take up a fund to hire a PI to track him down and get us a photo!!
    Hello Lookout

    Yes I would like to see a current photograph as well. Well if you hire a PI I'll contribute $50 towards them obtaining a genuine picture.

    This is what he looked like in court in 2005. Prior to appearing in court he blamed his bloated appearance on the steroids he was taking but it was just another lie as he needed an excuse to cover up his obvious weight gain. Those who have seen the DVD of the case reckon you can still see his rosacea.

    This is one of the faked photographs that he put up on his website claiming to be taken a year later in 2006 and showing his supposed 7 year remission from rosacea. He did this to trick people into thinking he could do the same for their rosacea if they had a consult with him and followed his treatment recommendations. Nase has always refused any request for genuine close up pictures of his face.

    There you go that's how fraudsters operate if they are allowed to get away with it.




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      Peter, I have often wondered if all of the photos we have seen over the years have not been doctored??
      I always thought that both the before and after were enhanced, the before to look redder, and the after to look better, this is often done on these sites offering cures.
      Yep the only way is for someone to spot the guy and snap him, then and there.
      I suppose he has now ended his work with the institute, after all history has shown that it is almost impossible for him to maintain a working relationship with anyone for more than a few weeks or months, even when money is involved! and this one has lasted longer than most.


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        Hello Marpus

        I think this was discussed a while back in another thread. My opinion is that his “bad rosacea” photographs on his site are most probably faked and somehow he has just induced a severe flush to make his condition look worse than it really was. That way he can then compare it against pictures where he looks near normal and people then think he has “cracked it” so they then reckon if they follow his advice the same will happen to their rosacea. As we all know those suffering from rosacea especially the severe forms will probably pay or do anything to obtain some relief. I know because I’ve been there.

        Of course all this is difficult to prove now but it would be very interesting to see his current skin condition. Maybe one day it will appear in a police mug shot when he gets hauled in for questioning over fraud charges.




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          Another Patient of RTIT

          Hi I am Judy and I was treated in April of 2008 at the Rosacea Institute in Texas. I received a consultation from Dr. Nase first and I was very impressed with his knowledge of Rosacea and excited about the new technologies he described at this clinic. I was told that this new technology they had developed would very likely put my rosacea into remission, just about rid me of any facial redness, very likely stop my daily flushess and clear by rosacea by a good 80%.

          I booked 6 treatments (Mon-Sat) for the laser treatments. I was told after I arrived that I would greatly benefit by having the blue light laser treatments to clear my pusticles and acne. My face was a mess the entire week - lots of swelling and redness. They took pictures before and after each treatment. I received the regular sciton laser for the rosacea in the morning and then 3 times that week I had the blue light laser in the afternoon for the acne/pustules. I cannot say enough about the kindness of the staff there. However, I don't get how they can tell if any patient leaving there is any better then before they came as when I left there each and every day my face looked horrible.

          I was told it would be 6 weeks until I would see the total results of my laser treatment. I have found little difference in my rosacea condition. My breakouts have worsened, I still flush daily and I have noticed little change in my facial redness. My bill was $3700. I did email Anne at the clinic and asked her for a total refund as I don't see any real results of my treatment.

          I was seen by Dr. Nielson on the day I arrived - I never met Dr. Nase. I was told a couple of days into treatment that Dr. Nase had decided not to relocate to Texas, that he was going to train to do laser work himself and open his own clinic in Indiana. The staff in Texas seemed sad at this disclousure as they had hoped he would be joining them in Texas to help them with the clinic.

          I also observed that they had a "miniminal invasive thoracic" surgery that Dr. Nielson performed. I was also told by staff the Dr. Nielson had performed this procedure on Dr. Nase which reduced the flushing of the face that rosacea causes. That is a whole different subject.

          So, there you go... I hope this helps in your quest for the truth. I will let you know what I hear back from the clinic regarding a refund. I was last told that my request would be forwarded to Dr. Nielson and his assistant Renee. Again, I cannot tell you that the staff was not very kind and Dr. Nase very knowledable and kind also - so I am a bit bewildered by this whole experience.



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            .....""miniminal invasive thoracic" surgery that Dr. Nielson performed. I was also told by staff the Dr. Nielson had performed this procedure on Dr. Nase which reduced the flushing of the face that rosacea causes. That is a whole different subject."

            No NoNoNoNo!!


            main page of ETS forum...


            "Rubberducky" had said she wished she'd never heard of geoffrey nase, he persuaded her to have ETS.


            this operation is no longer peformed in its birthplace (sweden) and is banned on people undr age 20 in Taiwan.

            what doctors wont tell you is it's used as a *cure* for social phobia (plz google Teleranta privatix clinic)

            suicides have been reported on ETS patients, I assume I'll be next because I cant get anywhere with the USA government.perhaps my death will get ETS the attention and coverage it deserves.

            [ame=""]YouTube - ETS-FOX 26 Houston[/ame]

            it's all a scam to get your $$.

            read here:


            ETS is too risky , and dr's only want your $$, they could care less about your health, I have a team of at least 4 working to keep me alive,

            learn from me....from on rosacea board and sweat boards.

            please...DON'T do ETS


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              Judy, sorry for your problems.
              Those of us who have had IPL know there is a risk of creating a rosacea flareup after treatment, as our skins are extra sensitive.
              I only have follow-up treatments one or two per year.
              However when I first went for IPL good results were achieved with 4 treatments, these treatments were 4 - 5 weeks apart, then 8 months later I had 2 follow-up sessions, You had as many treatments in ONE WEEK!!
              This is insanity on the part of these guys, they cannot possibly evaluate how things are working.
              I cannot see any possibility of them succeeding with this kind of condensed "shock and awe treatment"


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                Hey Judy I am so sorry about your experience. I have had similar consequences as you may have read my earlier posts. I have also been in contact with rtit to voice my extreme dipleasure and concern with the treatments. I have yet to speak to Dr. Nielson and have not received any concrete solutions to my reaction to their treatments or how to fix it. To say that I am frustrated would be a grave understatement. I am extremely depressed because my face has been a wreck ever since I left Texas in the begining of November of last year, seven months ago. I agree with you all that something needs to bo done so that others do not get scammed by this place. I hope to hear from you Judy so that we can maybe team up on trying to find out what the RTIT did to us.


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                  Originally posted by Judy Natoli View Post
                  Again, I cannot tell you that the staff was not very kind and Dr. Nase very knowledable and kind also
                  Hello Judy

                  Look I do not want to sound cynical but you will find that people usually come across as very kind when they are trying to sell you something. To be frank you have all been conned by the smooth talking Nase into spending your money at Nielson's Clinic, on a laser treatment which can make your rosacea worse. Nase has been earning a salary or commission by doing this and as has already been posted once he has got his money then he doesn't give a dam about you. I doubt very much either if he ever had any intentions of relocating to Texas.

                  Think how awful it would be if Nase did manage to set something up in his home town treating rosacea patients with lasers? All those poor people like yourself, Justin, JustSomeGal and no doubt many others out there who will be made worse whilst Nase pockets the money. He will just keep on telling lies, counting all the $$$$ he makes and so what if some people have their skin ruined by his methods. Easy money really and more of it as well because it will come directly to him and not via Nielson.

                  Anyway I have spent a lot of my time trying to warn people on here about the fraudulent activities of this man. I have done my bit and lodged my complaints but as I haven't been treated at the RTIT based on his treatment advice then it doesn't carry as much weight as those that have.




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                    Thanks for posting those court photos of Nase.....he looks very different from the photos all those yrs ago in 98.....seems he has truly turned to the "darkside"!

                    I can't believe what I just read about that 1wk tx.....lasers used with a "blue" light multiple times? This alone freaks me out BIG TIME! I thought blue light is in the UV spectrum and would worsen rosacea in a hurry!! Then your skin is hit hard with lasers and more blue light laser tx....that's a receipe for disaster

                    No wonder these folks are suffering even more than before this insane treatment! Truly I think you all should sue that place and shut it down....what a nightmare.
                    Dx 1998


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                      Hello Lookout

                      The key thing with these photo’s are that the “beach” ones were put up on his web site to deliberately deceive people into thinking that he was in rosacea remission, so that people would seek him out for treatment advice etc. From what I understand these pictures were probably taken at least a decade earlier than the August 2006 date he says they are and are therefore obvious fakes with the August date added in. The genuine court pictures are from 2005 and you can see how different he looks from the ones he claims were taken a year later. Its clear cut FRAUD and the pictures are still on his site as evidence.

                      You can sue the RTIT if you like and try and shut it down but the main source of any complaint should be Nase, because he was the one who has been recommending and advising people to follow his treatment methods at this Clinic. If people sit back and do nothing then unfortunately in several months time there will be another thread on here about people having their rosacea made worse at the Rosacea Treatment Institute of Indiana. Don’t believe me? Well let’s hope I don’t have to come back later and say that I told you so and did try and warn everybody.

                      In the meantime I hope all of you are able to get refunds on the money you have spent and that your skin improves. The best way of getting your money back is to file an official complaint and in my opinion the best route for trying to get your skin sorted is to see a dermatologist experienced with treating this type of damaged skin. Also by filing a complaint there is every chance you will prevent others from falling into the same trap that you did.




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                        Originally posted by countchocula View Post
                        ...suicides have been reported on ETS patients, I assume I'll be next because I cant get anywhere with the USA government.perhaps my death will get ETS the attention and coverage it deserves.

                        PLEASE don't even consider suicide, girl. You are such a wonderful woman! Hey, you still have to come out to Australia to catch up with me in my bush home.

                        Your death would be another notch...we NEED YOU HERE to help us fight this battle! You know it!!!

                        Love you heaps girl xxx
                        Currently trying: Apr 06 Bee Wilder's Candida (natural healing) Diet; May 06 Home made red LED array; Aug 06 ZZ ointment.


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                          thanks Jen, some days are just harder than others, but i seriously doubt my death would matter as far as the ETS battle goes. when things here settle a bit i think I'll go to a psychiatrist and get all my thoughts "documented" . perhaps I'll get lucky and get a psych that has power to publish articles and maybe then our government will be more stringent with ETS procedures.

                          still looking for airfare, with gas the way it is I'm perplexed. last trip i took to san antonio was about 160$ (that was March of this year). I've planned another trip to SA in October...was 77$ roundtrip. Australia is still running about 2000$. why the sudden drop in airfare in Texas i dont know. but I still look at Aussie trips often. first one i can afford I'll contact ya about the dates and see if it's convenient for you

                          day by day eh? ;-) wish i had my own airplane. would be pretty cool to fly there myself :-D

                          (((((much love!)))) and thanks :-*



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                            Shall I send the company jet, then? Yup, I wish! Unfortunately, the company jet is fully booked that month!

                            Have you seen "1408"? Top movie! If you haven't seen it, when the guy tries to book a night in room 1408, he is told it's unavailable...but he hadn't actually given a date!

                            Anyway, I'm rambling.

                            Luv ya...luv me xxx
                            Currently trying: Apr 06 Bee Wilder's Candida (natural healing) Diet; May 06 Home made red LED array; Aug 06 ZZ ointment.


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                              never heard of it out on DVD or is it still in theaters? I'll have to look for it.

                              was great chatting with ya today =), stay in touch and take care of yourself ((((many hugs!))))



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                                It's on DVD.

                                I always love chatting with you Alex. Ouch to my phone bill this month but worth it!

                                Luv Jen x
                                Currently trying: Apr 06 Bee Wilder's Candida (natural healing) Diet; May 06 Home made red LED array; Aug 06 ZZ ointment.