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Accutane and IPL/laser

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  • Accutane and IPL/laser

    Hi ,Ive already posted this in another place but Im reposting it so more people can see this. Originally I wrote this in the "genesis laser" area. It is about low dose accutane and IPL:
    The doctor ive been in contact with says he has treated loads of people who were on low dose accutane! He is a dermatologist who has had a laser clinic since 1994 together with another dermatologist. The doctor I usually see (she is mentioned as a source in Dr. NaseĀ“s book and has rosacea as her specialty when it comes to skindisorders) mentioned his name when I started talking about that I wanted to do IPL or laser treatments for my rosacea. When I called to speak with him I mentioned that Im on low dose accutane so I would have to stop that before I made an appointment, but thats when he said that he had treated many people who were on this medicine. He claimed that it wasnt a problem!

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    I know it sounds really strange but thats what he said anyways..someone on this forum posted about having done ipl while on accutane, does someone remember who it was? He said he hadnt got any good results from the treatments though, not bad either though.


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      I have no dierct experience in this issue but I would guess that most derms/techs would just rather not risk it. The side effects of lasers if they go wrong can be hard for poeple to take/accept and so why increase those chances?

      Just my thought.


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        I wouldnt want to risk anything either, I just wanted to point out that this doctor has treated loads of people who were on low dose accutane, which I thought was something noone did, and this guy is a dermatologist not some beautician who doesnt have a clue about skin disorders. Ive always thought accutane and IPL was strictly forbidden, thats why I found what he said interesting.


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          Ahh sorry got the wrong end of the stick.


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            Very interesting. Especially since i'm on Accutane right now myself and i'm in Sweden too so i just have to ask, who is this doctor and who is the person mentioned in Dr. Nase's book? You can PM me the names if you want, im really interested so i would very much appreciate an answer!


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              I PM:ed you but the doctor Im going to is Dr. Lonne-Rahm, shes listed as a source in Nases book, guess shes done some study on rosacea. Im going top see the dermatologist/laserdoc this month on the 24th, Im gonna report back what he says, Ill ask him lots of questions about the whole ipl/laser during accutane thing! I think most people dont know that the whole "dont mix accutane and lasers-warning" derives from cases where the patient has been on accutane for acne, so we are talking about high doses, and now it has been established as common truth not to mix the two. There arent any studies on low dose combined with ipl-treatments.
              Everyone reacts different to accutane though, so people who get very sensitive just from low dose should obviously not do laser treatments. However, if youre skin gets less reactive from taking accutane like mine does, due to the anti-inflammatory effects, then I believe there is no problem. My skin is more reactive n sensitive without the low dose accutane (10mg every other day), since wihtout it I flush really bad and the inflammation comes roaring back. My opinion isnt worth anything though, but this laserdoctors is! Hes had the clinic since 1994 and treated so many patients so it will be interesting to see what he says.