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  • IPL -- Worked Great for me

    Hey all, I haven't hit up any rosacea forums in ages. I just saw an episode of Nip/Tuck where the main character remembers his childhood where he was taunted because of a facial deformity (cleft palate) and it brought tears to my eyes as it made me recall how tough living with rosacea was.

    I had my IPL treatments about 1 year ago through the summer of 2005 and into the fall. For months I only saw tiny improvements. Around January / February of 2006, I would have safely been able to say that I was unconcerned about my face looking bad anymore. The results were tremendous for me as the permanent redness I had (covering the entirety of my cheeks) was reduced by at least 60% and the amount of environmental stress factors it takes for me to flush has gone way up. I can now go into the gym and work up quite a sweat while turning only moderately red. No one would ever suspect that I had rosacea.

    I can eat acidic/spicy/hot foods with no effect. It is such a huge mental burden off of me.

    I really believed that I'd have to live with this for the rest of my life. But during my first real job in 2005, I had enough of it. My first day at work was traumatic. For no apparent reason I was getting a HUGE flush on the right side of my face and my self confidence plummeted. It WASN'T all in my head, and it didn't look "cute" . It drew stares and people having animated conversations stopped when I walked into the room. I couldn't take it. I ran to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face, just waiting in the bathroom from the flush to subside, but it didn't. I'd had it. I knew the IPL treatments were going to be relatively expensive, but I got them anyway. My parents helped pay for them, but I payed for lots of the cost through working. It sucked going to work for that time period, but I'm glad I did.

    So basically I just want to let you guys know that IPL is probably a very viable option for you, even the guys and gals with "permanent" redness. Getting the IPL was the best thing I'd done for myself since I decided to start working out.

    Don't just sit around and suffer. Look for places that practice IPL. The derm clinic I went to had an aesthetician doing the IPL treatments. I was weary of the fact that she wasn't an actual doctor, but she did a great job. I live in Louisiana and got the treatments done in Baton Rouge if anybody wants to know.

    It's really increased my self-confidence and my ability to be in the PRESENT MOMENT and aware of other people a ton. My social skills have greatly benefitted. I'm no longer stuck in my head, worrying about how I look. And I know that this **** is tough. It's not like you're just some paranoid neurotic with chronic low self esteem.

    People would try to insinuate that I had some deep-rooted self esteem problem. Like I was some Miami Beach modelling bimbo who is really beautiful but who can't see it because she hates herself. The assumptions some people make are ridiculous, but don't buy into their BS. Dr. Nase and others have stated that the rosacea is almost always the CAUSE of a sufferer's discomfort and self-consciousness. And once the cause is eliminated, so are the effects.

    That's VERY true. It is still hard though, to accept that I'm this relatively goodlooking guy now. My self-image has had to catch up. But it IS catching up and I my overall quality of life HAS gone up.

    Check out IPL, don't write it off. It really does work to get rid of /extremely suppress rosacea. Find someone who knows what they're doing, of course. Good luck.

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    Oops, didn't log in. Anyways that was me.


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      That's awesome man, thanks for the post.

      I really want to get IPL but I must wait 6 months after Accutane to get it. So 4 more months...


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        it is great that IPL worked for you, I am having it after christmas... v. excited... just hope it works as well for me.

        thanks for sharing your story
        dx early 2006.
        current stategy;
        finacea (on occasional spot), 20+ x IPL and 17+ low level PDL (n-light)


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          That's great, what type of laser was it? and how many did you do?

          I've had two ipl treatments with the lumenis one laser, it's weird because an hour after the treatment my face looked amazing. I was in a major shopping mall the same day, but now it's as if I never had any treatments.


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            Chief -- after your 2 Lumenis1 treatments, did you take anything like Clarithromycin or Agiostop for 2 weeks after each treatment, to halt the regowth of your vessels???


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              No I didn't, is that recommended?


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                IPL success

                Before you get your hopes up that you are cured for life of rosacea, consider what a well-know laser doc told me: he'd done many patients and produced excellent results. Unfortunately, after several years of doing fine, some of them had to return for more treatments. As he put it, "you never really get rid of this". I should add that he did six IPL's on me, with no improvement. Good luck, in any event.

                "...after all, we're all in this together." - Red Green


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                  I've been having IPL too,,started in june with my first one and had my 6th one in Oct,I spaced them 3 week a part give or take a few days and now stopped only because I have to save again for them and will start again in march,,it greatly reduced my flushing and the redness in my face,,I still flush,but not as nearly as bad and the lightness on my face is pink.I don't have the burning feeling anymore,,(knock on wood).I do however still wake up now that it is colder weather with my face a light red, during the summer it was very light and it looked normal,(summer for me is good it puts moisture in my skin and it isn't irritated at all,,sweating is good for me too ),then as the colder weather came it got a little more red,(from dryness)so I need to start back putting olive oil on my face to moisten it so that the heat of the radiators doesn't suck all the moisture out of my face while I sleep,also I have to start sleeping again on my back so my face doesn't touch the pillow..,I am more confident and happier now and am willing to go to more places..I still get pinker in the mall,but then again rosacea is what it is....

                  Anyone going to have laser the doctor will tell you that it isn't a cure from the beginning,, that 5 to 6 sessions will reduce your symptoms to 50 to 90%, It doesn't have to be a well known doctor to tell you that and depending on how that person feels and looks can continue or stop till they feel that they want to start back on treatments again ..It all depends on how you take care of your skin..You'll never fully get rid of all the capillaries on your face,,taking perhaps something as mentioned on this forum to strengthen them may help,,but even small flushing in time will cause those capillaries to come through. If you avoid however your triggers and apply sunscreen you can stay up to three years without having a bad flush.. My Doctor has cases that vary,,some come back after 3 years and some after a year,but that's not to say that they have returned to where their rosacea was bad to begin with,,everyone as we all know is different and what I think is a bad case of flushing may be a mild one to others.. I myself am going to continue having laser every 8 months,, . I want to maintain with what I have now or I'm hoping that it will get better with each laser which I hope will since every time I go there is a big change. Also any capillaries that may appear in that time frame of 8 months will get zapped,but then again I may not have any it all depends on you and how your body is. . I may stop down the road at some point ,but for now I am very happy with the results and would like to see more if that is the case..I am hoping that in the future there will be some kind of cream that when applied will help take all redness away,,like sans rosa which at this point I am not to confident that it will ever happen or was ever true from the beginning,(sans Rosa that is),correct me please someone if I am wrong and let me know if Sans Rosa is a true making in the works..

                  I am sad to hear that some haven't had good results,but maybe another laser can help. We all have to continue our quest for some relief and I hope everyone can reach that goal..
                  Good luck and take care


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                    what kind of lasers are people having success with? I have had a number of treatments with several different lasers. The lumenis one has worked the best by far for me but I have found that the results aren't very long lasting. I had a series of 6 treatments, 2 weeks apart, last one in June and I had to go back about 4 months later for a series of 3 treatments, the 3rd being today but I decided to space the treatments out more to see if that would make a difference. It is just too expensive for me to maintain. I am thinking about going back to my once a month ipl routine that I was doing a couple of years ago because it is cheaper and I think that it might work best for me. Does anyone else do this? I'm just running out of options and money.


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                      I had 7 IPL treatments back in 2004. The results were mixed.

                      Good Things About IPL:
                      Reduced my papule and pustule problem. IPL broke the cycle of terrible P&P break outs on my face. I still get a papule on occasion but the heavy breakouts have never happened since I had IPL done in 2004. It's amazing really...IPL actually did the work of accutane!

                      Smoothed out my skin. My pores looked 100 times better after the treatments. IPL also removed many "red marks" left over my years of teenage acne and adult P&P from rosacea. Again, another unexpected benefit of IPL.

                      Knocked down the redness by 50 percent and flushing about the same amount. I looked much better after the treatments concluded.

                      Bad Things About IPL:
                      1. The practitioner better know his or her laser skills. There are too many settings and variances with the machinery. The guess work associated with IPL machinery can be vexing for the doctor (or nurse) and patient alike. I had one practitioner who was too concerned about potentianl adverse reactions; she only did a single-pass with the IPL. In retrospect, that was a mistake because a double-or even triple pass-is far more effective at knocking out troublesome facial blood vessels.

                      2. IPL is not enough to beat back flushing. In hindsight, I should have had a deeper wavelength YAG laser that could zap the feeder vessels and thus, significantly lessen my flushing bouts. I have heard great anectodal success stories with 1064 nm laser treatments.

                      The best combination therapy could be YAG laser treatment followed by IPL or some laser that has smaller wavelengths at higher power. The YAG hits the flushing head on and the small wavelength (515-532 nm) breaks the permanent redness problem thanks to the shallow blood vessels. The Dr. Darm Method has produced more success stories than failures based on patient testimony on the message boards. I will investigate whether doctors on the East Coast can replicate this treatment protocol.

                      3. IPL works best when you have complementary medications. Some doctors recommend a strong anti-biotic that has anti-angiogensis properties after IPL treatments. Some rosaceans take anti-hypertensive meds to keep the blood flow at a stable level. Regardless, IPL alone will not be effective enough.

                      As a result, my flushing and redness returned with a vegeance after six months. I am back to square one looking for effective ways to beat this thing.
                      "Losing All Hope is Freedom" Tyler Durden.


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                        Where can I buy Angiostop?


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                          I don't have rosacea, but when I'm suddenly put on the spot I become very red. The weird thing is I'm not even nervous about being put on the spot for any reason other than the fact that I know I will start blushing. When it does happen, my face gets really red and my entire body feels hot.

                          Rosacea is a legitimate medical condition, but in my case I think it's all in my head.

                          Does anyone know if IPL (or anything else) could help me?



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                            I'm so scared!

                            Hey everyone. I am new to this forum because I just got diagnosed with rosacea although I'm still confused. I had a few broken blood vessels on my cheeks "zapped" with a laser called the Versapulse this May. I think he went overboard to say the least. My face was cherry red for days and now I have tons of hyperpigmentation over areas of matted veins and it continues to get worse. I have flushing every now and then that I never had before the laser was done. I also started having little while pimples on my cheeks. I went to 4 dermatologists and they all want to put me on retin-a which I cant tolerate. It makes my skin really red. Finally, yesterday, I got some Metrogel 1% and started using it last night. I am putting that on 1 cheek and Vitamin K get on the other. I also went to a plastic surgeon as a last resort ( $$$$) and she wants to use the Levulan Kerastick on me with blue light therapy. $460 a pop and wants to do it 3 times! ( I really want the guy who did the versapulse to pay for all of this!) It was also suggested that she use IPL ( Palomar Medulux laser) on my hyperpigmentation, just on 1 spot to test my reaction. Has anyone had any of this done? How about the Laser Genesis? I'm so scared at this stage! My face looks like a roadmap and I feel like I am going to be scarred for life. It has made me a total recluse.
                            FYI- I have light olive skin, My mom is from Brazil and my dad is British. My skin hyperpigments very easily and has become very sensitive.
                            Thanks for your help in advance. Forums like these are great support!


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                              i had my rosacea caused by high doses of accutane during acne treatment. It has been two years and i got diagnosed. My cheeks are the only thing red with small little bumps. I just had my first ipl last week with no results.

                              How many ipl would i need to see results on redness?