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9 years since last IPL with Dr Holt....Morpheus8....some advice please

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  • Brady Barrows
    Welcome back SweetCheeks,

    Even though there are 38K members here at RF, there are only 106 active members. You may ask where have all the rosaceans gone? They have gone to social media rosacea groups. I have been collecting anecdotal reports on IPL and you can read them here. The odds that someone will reply to your request you can guess what that might be. There has been some new theories on the cause of rosacea brought forward and the most recent treatment is Zilzi.

    As for IPL I recommend you spend some time browsing these posts at the RRDi (you have to join as a member to view them and membership is free). The other option is to type in 'IPL' in the RF search box and take an hour or so to browse the results.

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  • 9 years since last IPL with Dr Holt....Morpheus8....some advice please

    Hi all, hope you are all well. I?d be very grateful for some advice...

    I haven?t posted on here for years but this forum was very helpful when I first had IPL back in 2011 to help my rosacea. I had around 7 sessions with Dr Holt in his Cambridge clinic and had pretty good results that have lasted quite well. My last treatment was around 2012 I think.

    In the last couple of years my rosacea has been creeping back and all of a sudden in the past few months it?s got really bad, worse than it was before my first treatment back in 2011 I?d say.

    It?s really making life a misery now. The burning on my cheeks is intense, many people haven?t seen me for a year due to Covid lockdowns but am now expected to be out and about again with friends at the pub etc, I?m getting so anxious about that.

    A few people I?ve seen recently (including family) have all commented on my flushed cheeks. The usual comments that destroy us rosacea suffers such as ?been in the sun??, ?heavy night??, ?did you run here??, I?ve had the lot recently. It hits so hard and I?m looking to do something about it. I?ve tried a bunch of topicals recently, but they?ve just aggravated things.

    I?ve got a session of Facetite and Morpheus8 booked in for October 2021 with Dr Ahmad in Great Shelford, but that?s mainly for under eye saggyness. I?ve heard Morpheus8 can also really help with Rosacea and wondered if anyone on here has had it done or heard about the benefits for rosacea?

    I?m not sure in the meantime whether to book in for an IPL session or 2 with Dr Holt in Cambridge, has anyone used him recently? Just wondering if IPL a few months before Morpheus8 is a smart thing, probably not but desperate to do something about my skin soon, it?s soul destroying!

    Hoping for any feedback I can get from people on here. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards

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