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I have 2 types of rosacea, not 1 like I previously told you - - NEW HELPPPP

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  • I have 2 types of rosacea, not 1 like I previously told you - - NEW HELPPPP

    Went to the dermatologist today and I have 2 types of rosacea both mild. I previously said I only had 1 type... I have Erythematotelangiectatic and papulopustular. I have a few questions below and am a 40 year old male and have had rosacea since March 10, 2021.

    1.) The derm told me there is nothing I can do about the redness except 2 topicals and they are not covered by insurance. What are they and do they work?? Anything else I can do for the redness? I currently use a face wash called REMEDY SOAP that contains tea tree oil, aloe and peppermint, is this ok? It seems mild and when I get out of the shower my face isn't as red. ANY OTC creams? When I am baseline my face looks like l have a mild sunburn basically.

    1b.) My ears are red and warm more than my face should I be putting the only topical I have now which is metro cream?

    2.) Can somebody explain remission to me with rosacea in DETAIL. Does my normal pale skin come back exactly like it was before rosacea? In the next 3 years how many times on average does a person go into remission and whats the odds they stay there for a while and how long?

    3.)The derm told me that they do laser therapy for my redness at the same large Medical University I go to for treatment in NY. The lady that does the laser only does lasering and is also a derm. How successful are these treatments and do they prevent flushing? Keep in mine my redness at baseline is like a mild sunburn.

    4.) I flushed really bad for the first time today eating 2 big slices of oily pizza. 4 days ago I had a different kind of pizza and didn't flush. I put icepacks on my face for 20 mins rotating them and returned to baseline. Anything else I can do for flushing??

    5.) I sleep on my side so my face touches the pillow. Does the pillow make rosacea worse?

    6.) Should I always put spf on my face even if I only drive in my car or just go outside for 5 mins?? What about at night I don't have to put spf on I take it. What about me a night lotion (no spf) at night over metro cream, is this necessary?

    6B.) For daytime I order EltaMD UV Physical Tinted Face Sunscreen, Chemical-Free Mineral Sunscreen for Sensitive and Post-Procedure Skin, Non-Greasy, Broad-Spectrum SPF 41, Is this ok? Is this the right kind because it says for "Post-Procedure skin"??

    ** I appreciate the help** I will be posting more questions as I think of them.
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