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  • VBeam Perfecta Initial Success

    Hey everyone. Long time Type 2 rosacea sufferer here. Symptoms are permanent redness on my cheeks at baseline with reddening due to numerous triggers. After years of going to my dermatologist and her recommending me vbeam I decided to finally give it a shot. I had my first vbeam 2 months ago, non-bruising. It didn?t really help, just made me overly red for two weeks before calming back down to baseline. I then had my second vbeam 9 days ago and the doctor decided to hit me with a bruising setting due to the lack of success from the first go around. He said the bruising would last three days and then go away. He said I?ll still have some areas of redness but with clear areas throughout on my cheeks. I was very swollen for three days before the swelling went away. I iced the areas a lot for the first two days. The bruising however was very prominent for nearly a week (I had 16 welts between both of my cheeks). I moisturized day and night, non stop. However now after over 9 days you can hardly notice any bruising. I now have very pale pinkish areas mixed with clear/white areas on my cheeks. I?ve never before had patches of clear skin where I now have them. I also haven?t flushed at all lately where I normally would - being out in the cold, eating hot soup, spicy food, overheating in my house by wearing too many layers, etc. Hopefully this continues to improve or at least stay this way. It?s premature to think of my next vbeam but for now I?m very pleased with the results so far. If it does regress I will definitely go a third time.

    Best of luck to you all.