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Difference between V beam- perfecta, candela, prima etc?

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    Originally posted by pontypool View Post
    It all seems like too many it's buts and maybes.

    I've come across many extreme diets like the alkaline diet. Which is pretty radical.
    I don't think most people will be ready to totally transform their diet so radically and yet with so little scientific or pier reviewed studies .
    The issue is that scientific studies are so expensive to run, and that?s why big pharma run most of the studies, manipulating the methodology and data to line their pockets and help sell their products. Unfortunately, studies on the impact of food scientifically lacks funding because it?s not much of a benefit to many industries. You?ll definitely see dairy and nut industries fund scientific research, but who is going to fund a study on a certain diets impact on rosacea!? I wish they would!

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