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My third full face vBeam/Laser/PDL following Mirvaso skin damage

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    Originally posted by darren1 View Post
    This is why I'm afraid of the 1064nm "Genesis" mode on the Cutera Excel V. I'm reading an instruction manual:

    They very casually recommend 1064nm for diffuse redness. The idea of that worries me. I thought 595nm was pretty deep, but 1064nm could surely do some damage.
    I don't know about the depth, but Candela's publications say the 595nm wavelength is better for targeting blood vessels as more of the energy is absorbed by hemoglobin. With other wavelengths and with broad-spectrum light like IPL, more energy is delivered to surrounding tissues. I would avoid 1064nm for rosacea for that reason alone.


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      After 2 useless KTP sessions (Cutera Excel V) I'm now seeing someone at a laser training academy which is also a doctor-led clinic.

      The person I saw is knowledgable and is proposing a test patch at sub-purpuric settings to see how I get on. The plain is to treat my face on lower settings and try to clear up the redness on my face which could be trapped blood. She actually knows the derm who did my previous Vbeam but did not elaborate. She says she thinks the treatment was quite successful. Indeed, parts of it really did heal up fine but it's the heavy bruising areas that have left me looking worse.

      It's a shame my third Vbeam produced the opposite effects to what I wanted. I am still trying to understand exactly what caused there to be more redness in my face. My main problem was flushing. And now my baseline is worse but only in the areas I had treated - these same areas flush easily in cold and artificial heat, and it looks odd when it does. On the bright side, it's nothing like the Mirvaso flushes I was having in 2017. The flushing now is limited to smaller areas of my face, but definitely within the Vbeam treatment areas.

      I've been using yellow LED (583nm) daily for about 2 months and it seems that when I flush, I can get the face to return to normal (well, as normal as can be) fairly quickly. After splashing cold water on my face and moisturising, it takes about 10 minutes for the face to cool down.

      I'm due for a test patch in late April, so in the meantime, I'll keep up my skincare routine and maintain the daily LED sessions. Who knows, it could still improve a little before April, and if it does not, at least the test patch awaits me.
      I'm recovering from Mirvaso-induced skin damage. Ask me about it if you are too.

      T-Shirt: "Laser skin treatment. That's what it is if you're wondering. Yes, it hurt."


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        Hi Darren, your rosacea journey sounds almost identical to mine. My last VBeam was about 4/5 years ago, which had some success with the sides of my face but the areas on each side of my nose have remained the same. Also tried IPL which didn't make a huge difference after multiple sessions. I tried Mirvaso a good few years back and experienced pretty bad rebound flushing as well, surprised that stuff is still available to buy considering the damage it can cause. I was thinking about trying Vbeam again but I'm on two minds, creams & lotions don't do much but I'm not sure how much difference the laser will make either. Also the downtime is really awkward with work etc if there is bruising. You mentioned you're using an LED, is that like a face mask thing? Have you noticed much improvement?


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          These are helpful posts guys, and has now given me clarity.

          I will not be doing a PDL treatment, (have done IPL in the past with no success), therefore I have little faith that 'another laser' will do the trick.


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            whatever you are using on your skin make sure you apply it on night ideas cuz its good at that time