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  • KPRF: PDL/V-Beam vs IPL

    Dear Forum<3
    I think i have KPRF. My permanent redness on cheeks which can be clearly differentiated from the white healthy skin sourrounding it looks very much like a lot of KPRF photos. I also have KP on my arms. However my cheeks are just red with no bumps and they are not itchy. I had a lot of heavy flushing in the past but mostly got control over it because my derm treated it with cortison cream if i remember correctly (it was years ago). Now i finally want to get rid of the permanent redness on my cheeks. I was thinking about getting IPL or V-Beam. Which one would you recommend for my cause? Also does IPL and V-Beam affect my beard?
    Thank you and wishing you all the best,

    PS: sorry for my bad english!
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    Hey, are you still around by any chance? Wanted to ask you how you've been...


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      Hey, are you still around by any chance? Wanted to ask you how you've been...


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        Hi johnlabos,

        KasparHouser's last post was the one that started this thread. My new mantra is, 'The rosaceans come and go, talking about their rosacea woes, some of these reports glow, while others are lows, still others crow.'

        All you can do to see if you can find KasparHouser is to follow all the other rosaceans who have left RF to the various social media rosacea groups at Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. since that is where all the activity is. It is sad that rosaceans prefer those platforms rather than 'forum' platform here at RF and at the RRDi. Very sad. The disunity and confusion in those social media platforms is so apparent that I just don't understand why rosaceans prefer it this way. Rosaceans don't want to actually come together to do something about rosacea. They sure know how to complain and the most frequently asked question on all these social media platforms is 'Is this rosacea?' and invariably a rosacean will say, 'That looks just like my rosacea.' Alright, now back to you (sorry for my diversion, but I get passionate about this).

        So why don't you go to a dermatologist and be sure you have KPRF, since you may have something else? Is it the money that it costs to see a dermatologist? Just curious. You can actually get an online diagnosis from a dermatologist now that Covid 19 has been around. The differential diagnosis for KPRF is probably just as massive as the differential diagnosis for rosacea. It would be prudent to actually get a professional diagnosis.
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