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PDL Bruising - How to cover after treatment?

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  • PDL Bruising - How to cover after treatment?


    Does anyone have any tips to share about how to cover up bruising after a PDL treatment?

    Personally, I've just hidden from the world for 5-7 days, which is usually how long it takes for my bruising to reach a stage where people are not like WTF? This is a very lonely and depressing time for me, and not possible I know for everyone.

    I'm a guy, and I have no notion how to use makeup at all, so I don't know, what do you guys do? Any tips?


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    I do the same to be honest - relax at home, read books, cook, get things done around the house etc.

    I didn’t badly bruise in my last treatment so went out without a worry after a couple of days, but have also had bruising treatments which have been so severe, I couldn’t leave the house for weeks.

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      Thanks Seb91. Yeah, it's quite difficult, the first 2 or 3 days are pretty bad, then I can go out in public but not meet people I know. By about day 6 or 7 I can pass for ok again, and not get any weird looks.


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        I'm in recovery from V Beam currently. Had it done about 10 days ago. There are still some fading red marks that I am covering with makeup very easily. The first 5 days after, though? FORGET IT. All the maximum coverage foundation in the world won't hide those bruises.

        For all you V Beam experts out there, about how long will it take to see the final results of one treatment? I've heard weeks, months. Some a-holes even claim the results are instant (yeah, right). I imagine it varies depending on the individual, yeah?


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          I don't leave the house for weeks, but at some point I have to go grocery shopping. So I do. I usually wear a plaster on my nose to stop my glasses and rubbing on my nose if I have had bruising there.

          People probably just assume I've been in an accident or been in hospital.

          You could make yourself some sort of meme t-shirt to wear with a passive aggressive slogan letting everyone know that you've "had LASER SO STOP STARING."


          I had IPL on the 3rd November. I've still not healed, and I've not been able to shave because of that. I have crusts/scabs in my moustache from the purgin effect (known as coffee grounds) which looks gross but it cannot be helped.

          For the last two weeks I've barely been out but when I do I make it quick, and use tinted moisteriser sometimes.

          I really do not find it depressing to be housebound while healing. I mean, if there's going to be some improvement surely you'd be feeling slightly "up" rather than very "down"?

          This last IPL of mine has helped. There are small patches and speckles of normal skin tone developing among the redness. It's like rays of sunshine poking through thick cloud.

          The next time I have IPL, there will be furthur improvement, and I'll be only too happy to spend another 2 weeks indoors while healing.

          Besdies, you want to avoid the sun in the aftermath of laser or light treatments.
          I'm recovering from Mirvaso-induced skin damage. Ask me about it if you are too.

          T-Shirt: "Laser skin treatment. That's what it is if you're wondering. Yes, it hurt."