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Rollercoaster recovery from Excel V - HELP!

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  • Rollercoaster recovery from Excel V - HELP!

    Hi all! New rosaceain here. I suffer from the flushing and redness of rosacea and pursued laser as no topicals have helped. I have now had 5 Excel V laser treatments and honestly I could use some advice. I already have decided that I don’t think my laser technician is using the laser correctly bc I should be further along in my progress. So I am going to start seeing a certified dermatologist for a round of V Beam treatments. But here is my question… has anyone here experienced massive ups and downs throughout the recovery process post laser? I do not get bruising treatments but almost every time around 12-14 day mark I feel like I’m turning a corner (less redness, less flushing) and then around 15-18 day mark post laser, my skin totally freaks out. Like massive flushing episodes, wake up looking like a tomato and warm, super splotchy. It sends me into a panic that nothing is working when this happens bc it’s so confusing how I can get worse then better then worse again. Can someone please tell me if this is normal?

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    If I were you, I would be very hestitant to do any more treatments. Laser has helped lots of people but it has also triggered a lot of problems for others ( it turned my non-problematic broken veins into neurogenic rosacea) so think carefully before you do any more. Maybe your skin is trying to tell you it has had enough.


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      Hi, thanks for the reply. The lasers have actually helped a little bit with my flushing so I know it is possible for this to improve. I don't have any other choice but to pursue laser treatment as I've been told RX topicals don't work for redness and flushing (aside from Rhofade which was an absolute nightmare) and my OTC Azelaic Acid and Doxy doesn't help much with these symptoms. I am looking for feedback from people who have had Excel V or V Beam (non bruising) treatments and what their exact experience was in the 3-4 weeks post-op since there is so much conflicting information online about recovery process. I'm sorry lasers didn't work for you but tbh I came here looking for reassurance.


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        You should medication like beta blockers, clonidine, duloxetine etc. are all great for flushing as is MSM if you want to try the more natural route.
        To answer your question, I don’t know if your experience is normal. It may be . I had increased sensitivity with each treatment ( about 10 in total) but the awful
        flushing didn’t start for me until about 4 months after the last one. I assume everybody’s skin / body reacts differently.